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Underactive Thyroid meds & supplements


Wanted to know whether zinc & vitamin D can be taken at the same time together? Advised to take it with breakfast

Also how to manage taking magnesium as take levothyroxine at bed time after 5 hours of dinner around 23.30.

Do take iron at 3pm

- at breakfast: zinc and vitamin B6

- Lunch: B12 and evening primrose and multivitamin

am meant to take chromium with lunch too but not sure whether can take it along with B12 and multivitamin (if not then don't mind not taking multivitamins)

- Vitamin D twice a week and take it at 4.30 (was never told how to take it and whether to take it with food or when etc so just started taking it at that time since take iron at 3pm)

In summer hayfever tablets which I try to fit in somewhere during the day.

occasionally sleeping pills at around 1am

So in the evening don't take anything and levo at night.

Now where to add magnesium?

And I need help in regards to finding levothyroxine and brands as i need to change mine due to a certain ingredients that I found out today which is gelatin which is a no no... so if you could share which brand whether in UK or get it brought in from another EU countries please do tell as I need to change mine asap.

Many Thanks


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Meera, vitD is best taken with the fattiest meal of the day as it aids absorption. It's fine to take vitD and zinc together. You can take magnesium 2 hours before Levothyroxine. I know of no reason why you shouldn't take chromium with the B12 and multivit.

Gelatin isn't an excipient in UK Levothyroxine, Mercury Pharma, Actavis and Wockhardt.



thanks for your reply. I tried to get info via google and think came across once that multivitamin shouldn't be taken along with chromium. Multivitamin and evening primrose is something that I was taking in general before became hypo. Therefore don't mind if don't have to take multivits but the rest essential once that are linked with UAT and have to take obviously can't stop hence need to make sure that there aren't any interference.

So magnesium can be taken 2 hours before levo? Cos thought there had to be at least 4 hours gap.... :/ oh too confusing and too many tablets to take

Sorry "Gelatin isn't an excipient in...." meaning there isn't or is gelatin in UK levo??


Meera, there isn't gelatin in Levothyroxine. Gelatin is usually in the outer casing of softgel capsules.

Iron, calcium, vitamin D and oestrogen should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine but other medication and supplements are usually fine taken 2 hours away.

If your GP prescribed vitD tablets he's probably prescribed a very low dose. If you say what your vitD result was and what you're taking members will advise whether it is enough.


thanks. I take ProD3 10 000IU twice a week

That's what I thought that gelatin is only used for capsules, but to my surprise the brand that I use from Norway does have gelatin in it and no it's not a capsule just a normal tablet... guess the ingredients differ slightly hence looking into what is the difference etc... Usually I always check ingredients but since it wasn't a capsule didn't....But guess from now will check either way cos you never know....and I rather know what's going inside especially if gonna be taking for life....

Thanks for clarifying that UK levo doesn't have gelatin so I can get those asap lol...

For some strange reason tablets by mercury pharma didn't suit me and they only manufactured 25mcg doses... but luckily I won't be needing that dose so....and I would avoid that brand...that's the reason why ended up changing in the first place and now change again as if it wasn't hard enough to deal with UAT which I'm fed up with and still finding it hard to cope with and deal with....and the main issue (amongst a few) is the hairloss/thin which scares me a lot.... will that ever get better???

Does anyone with UAT ever feel better or somewhat back to the way were???


Meera, it's quite common for Mercury Pharma, Actavis or Wockhardt to suit one person but not another. Mercury do supply 50mcg and 100mcg like Actavis. It's Wockhardt who only supply 25mcg.

The Levothyroxine patient information leaflets do say that hair loss may be worse for the first few months but once you are optimally dosed it should improve along with your other symptoms.

ProD3 20,000iu is a good brand and dose but if you have been on it for 8 or more weeks without your vitD level improving your GP should prescribe more.


oh maybe now mercury do 50mcg dose too when I was having them a few years ago it was only 25mcg

Yea that's what I was also told but hair was still an issue.... :(


Meera, if you type Hairloss into the HU search box you'll find posts on hairloss and recommended remedies. Over and undermedication can cause hairloss, it needs to be just right and low iron and zinc can also cause it.


thanks will search

am already on iron and levels are good

also taking zinc and as mentioned on B6 and B12

will be starting magnesium

maybe there will be some improvement as will be changing the levothyroxine who knows but at least this time will monitor and am more aware than before (early days) when didn't know much

Do you experience on/off on a regular basis like phases of insomnia? It is so frustrating at times that I have to take sleeping pills which only take as and when needed not every night.... with this kind of low energy etc how can one look for work....


Meera, I've always had bouts of insomnia. It improved when I was optimally medicated thyroid wise but I still need a sleeping pill occasionally.


yea occasional sleeping pills deffo needed ;)


don't even know what's the fattiest meal of the day lol hmm but maybe that explains why the test showed low while taking the tablets.... thanks will deffo check this vitamin D intake time now


Meera 1 I am on vit d tablets best time to take them is at bedtime x


Samsam,vitD should be taken with food as the fat in food aids absorption. Meera takes Levothyroxine at night so she needs to take it 4 hours away from vitD.


Hi meera1. I personally take a calcium, magnesium, zinc combo vit. I also take two 1000mg D3 capsules separate from what is in my multi vit. I do this daily in addition to a slew of other supplements.


Hi Meera,

You could try a magnesium spray, which you rub into your skin - doesn't go near your digestive system so no need to worry about interaction with other things. I use Better You Original Magnesium Spray before bed, I think it helps with sleeping.

Best wishes


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thanks Emma will look into it... for now need to find another brand of thyroxine as the ones that I'm taking has gelatin which is a no no....

found out that germany and uk don't use gelatin so gotta see which one to try out....

that would be great if magnesium helps with sleep cos am exhausted with insomnia issue


You can make your own Magnesium spray cheaply with Magnesium Chloride flakes and distilled water(Amazon) Don't forget you need Vitamin K2 to take with Vitamin D3


I was told thyroid mess should all be taken in the morning on an empty stomach & then not to eat for 2 hours

Also I had reactions to generic brand thyroid mess & cannot take them. Very sore joints.


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