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Thyroid Friendly Endo:-)

Hi everyone,

Had an endo appt yesterday and it went really well. I would have posted sooner, except as I have moved it took me 3 hours to get there and 3 hours back, part drive, part 2 buses as I needed to change buses in city centre grr, and I no longer have internet at home, so have to fit in with the local library (which is within walking distance) opening times ect. However, I was staying with friends who had kindly taken me in as I lost the house I had due to work ending. At the time, I was struggling with -8 temperatures with no access to heating ect. They needed the room back which I kinda borrowed, which belonged to one of their children's who is working away and even most of their belongings were still in it. I went to my local housing department, who were really good and have placed me in temp accommodation until I hopefully get housed - I now have heating, and I am so happy for that. I do have to pay a service charge, but at least I have access to it and can use it as and when I need it.

Anyway, the appointment itself went really well. Endo who I had not been happy with in the past was open to negotiation. I was self-medicating a while back, but on 200 thyroxine with 20 cynomel I started to feel human again. However, when bowel specialist did thyroid bloods (only TSH and T4, missed the T3 one) my levels went really high. These will all be in my previous posts. To cut a long story short, I had a battle on my hands to get the T3 test done with GP refusing me any meds. However, next day, saw different GP who agreed to T3 test and on the basis of my high results lowered my meds to 150 thyroxine and 20 liothyronine. Told endo the whole truth, and gradually feeling worse on the 150 with 20 liothyronine. Endo has upped thyroxine to 200 and taken T3 down to 10, which I am ok with and said, 'we will end up meeting somewhere in the middle'. I took along info I had printed off re Dr Toft, which I discussed with endo, but didn't end up showing as endo was really supportive and am now happy to stay with this one. It has taken a few appointments to get to this, but miracles are not likely to happen in the first appointment. It takes time to get to know an endo, and for them, it takes time to get to know a patient.

Hopfully things are looking up in that area, only need to get GP on board now, so half way there. As am out of previous area I lived in, with it being rural, I need to get registered with another practice also.

I have been offered an appointment next week with another endo, though as am progressing with current one, I have decided to stay. I will email Louise with the details and the endo is NHS.xx

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I am very glad that things are looking up for you. I think being homeless is the worst thing. I am happy your new place has heating as we need heat more when hypo.

It's good that the Endo was helpful and I hope they do your Free T3 as well as the usual tests. If you look down the posts today you will see that low T3 can cause problems later on. They rarely test our Free T3 which is the most important thyroid hormone. I think it would be helpful to give the Endo a copy of this report as many don't read abstracts of studies.


Thank you so much x


You have been through a terrible time and i hope that you get the help that you need!

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Please can you email me with details of this endo - thanks! :)




Hi Louise,

Only just seen your reply, though emailed details of endo few days back:-). Have responded to your email. x


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