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Last week I attended my annual Endo check-up appointment and got to meet my new NHS Endo who replaced my previous one.

To my amazement, my new Endo didn't boo my desiccated thyroid treatment which I have been on since Nov 2011. He did confirm that Levothyroxine is the preferred NHS treatment however he was happy to prescribe the T3 (Liothyronine) and I have (for the first time in 25 years) a prescription for the T3.

I felt that my new Endo was very understanding. He was willing to listen, I named all of the symptoms that NDT helped me with but told him that I felt that there was still a little way to go, my T3 levels were still somewhat low.

Despite the fact that my latest blood test showed my FT3 levels - although low but still within the reference range, he was happy to prescribe the T3 following my symptoms report.

I hope that with adding a little bit more T3 to my current treatment will help to further improve my health.

I just wanted to share the news about finding a really nice, understanding Endo and if you live in Hampshire you can PM me for more details. I live in Wiltshire but we moved a few years ago hence I still go and see the Endo in the place where we used to live.

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That is great news! Could you please message the details to Louisewarvill so she can add him to her list :)

Hopefully this is a new beginning for you!

Carolyn x

Ok Carolyn, I will do although you may already have him on your list. He previously worked as a Diabetes & Endocrinology Physician for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

Thanks. We may do, but Louise will know :)

Hi Sisa

Am glad to hear your good news and am sure the addition of T3 will do the trick.

Thank you :) I must add that it took me a few trips to different chemists in my area to actually find someone who stocks Liothyronine. Boots told me that their supplier is quoting them 2 weeks delivery time.

Please could you let me know the Good Hampshire Endo please? I live in Hants but have never taken up my GPs offer of an appointment with an Endo because I couldn't see the point given the bad press they usually get. In conjunction with Dr P I've been going it alone. It might be useful to gain a second opinion, especially if I can have T3 on prescription.

thanks for shariong i live in hampshire , i will PM you, :)

That sounds very positive and how nice that someone wants to work with you.

Have PM'd you.

How exciting. I'm in west Sussex but only10 miles or so from hants border how do I pm you?

I've realised tonight that I am very lucky indeed to be able to even see an NHS Endo considering that my medical file clearly shows that I also receive private Endo consultations which is where I get my NDT prescriptions from. I wanted to continue seeing my NHS Endo annually just in case that one day I may not be able to afford the private consultations/ prescriptions.

So glad there's finally a good endo in hants, I've only ever had awful experiences with endos in Hants - "you're fine" "you have SAD""This is how your thyroid works (WHAT? You dont think I don't know this already?)). To the point that they control the labs so if your TSH is normal, despite everything else being REQUESTED by a doctor/nurse for testing they ONLY give the TSH result and don't test everything else because it is perceived as NORMAL. We have to ring the lab again and again and request T3 - luckily they hold the serum for a few weeks.

Agree with everything you said here as it is exactly what I experienced in past myself. I was told I was ok and my test results normal when in reality I had thyroid cancer probably for some time before it was discovered (both lobes were found to be affected during the surgery) and I only found out I had thyroid cancer thanks to visiting a private hospital abroad during my 30th Birthday holiday trip. Great Birthday present, wasn't it? All fine now, though - thank God. :)

hi sisa please can you pm me to let me know who the edno is x thanks katie

Hi Sisa1975

Would you be willing to PM me his details?


please could you Pm me the end details thank you


Hi sisa I'm a bit late to this as your post was from 4 years ago but do you still see the good Hampshire Endo? If so could you pm me his details please? I live in Hampshire and have been seeing an Endo in London but would like someone closer, thank you.

Hi is it possible to pm the endos details pleas?

Please can you give me the details too. I'm getting nowhere

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Sisa1975 can't reply on the forum so please send her a private message requesting details. To send a private message:

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