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Test results

Hello, please can anyone advise on my thyroid blood test results.

Date 11 Feb 15

TSH 1.13

FT3 4.5

FT4 7.9

Ferritin 3 months ago was 75. I take 300 mg a day of iron,ferrograd c.

Serum B12 2000. I self treat.

I can see the FT4 is low side. ( where does it go if it's always low despite moving thyroid up).

I take 3 grains of nature thyroid.

I only moved it up two weeks ago

from 2 1/2 grains to the 3 grains. That I've been struggling to do for awhile because of hyperlike symptoms. So I back off and take more iron. Which is helping and I need to give some time to. My symptoms are low body temp 35.9 the highest it gets is 36.3. I've joint pains, fluid retention, any noise goes through me like my heads in a tin box , makes me jumpy. my periods been missing two months. I've 4 stone to shift despite eating very healthy. No alcohol.

I've had hashimotos hypothyroidism 17 years. Along with pernicious anaemia.

Anyone would think I'd have this sorted by now after so many years. I was on eltroxine 11 years before I demanded NDT, but it took coming off the eltroxine for 10 days and my TSH went to 97 and FT4 of 18 and almost coma state for my endo of 7 years to give it me. It was hell. I have given up really on any gp or endo.

I just read and self med but obviously not enough. But can't do any worse than them.It's all complicated especially when you feel bad.

thanks a bunch

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Correction TT4 was 18


Jobeth, It;s hard to tell how good or bad your FT4 and FT3 are without the lab ref ranges. I'm surprised your TSH isn't lower if you were on 2.5 grains when you tested. You don't appear to be overmedicated so you're doing the right thing by cutting back when you feel overstimulated.

Low/deficient vitD can cause muscolskeletal pain.

Your sensitivity to noise and jumpiness sound like adrenal issues and that can make it difficult to tolerate dose increases. Genova do cortisol spit tests if you want to check it out. It's suppose to be much better than the NHS cortisol blood test. City Assays do vitD if you can't get your GP to check it.


Hi there, thanks so much for your reply, here are the ranges.

TSH 1.13 (0.40-4.50mu/L)

FT3 4.5 (2.50-6.50pmol/L)

FT4. 7.9 (8.00-21.00pmol/L)

these results on 11 Feb 15 after 3 grains from 20/ Jan/ 15. The Noise and sensitivity comes on about 2 hours after my last 1 grain dose at 6 pm .

I dose 1 grain 6 am. 1 grain 12 noon. 1 grain 6pm.

It's driving me bonkers. Got me jumping and nervey.

I'll do what you said and get a cortisol test soon.

I am concerned about my low FT4;

What shall I do.

thanks again 😊


Jobeth, you're FT4 below range isn't a problem because you don't need much T4 for conversion as you're getting T3 direct from the NDT. Your FT3 is halfway through range but should go up a bit when the increase to 3 grains metabolises in a few weeks. If you left 24 hours between last dose and blood draw your 'true' FT3 is probably 5.4.

Try 1.5 grains morning, 1 grain noon and 1/2 grain evening and see whether there is improvement. Larger dose is usually recommended in the morning.


Thank you, appreciate your advice I will do exactly that.



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