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Blood results for my daughter of 13yrs tested for graves

I have graves, my 13year old daughter had test results back pleases could you advise. TSH 0.5. Ref 0.2 - 5

T4 18 ref 10 - 24

Thyroid antibodies

Less than 20 iu /ml (u 0 - 60 ) (1) se thyroid peroxidase Ab conc

.-60 Iu /ml negative

.60 - 100 iu/ml doubtful clinical significance

. 101 Iu/ml clear positive

C-reactive protein less than 1mg/L (u - 5 ) (1)

Hi. 12.7 (3.6 - 11) total white cell count

Hi. 9.92 ( 1.8 - 8 ) neutrophil

Lo 95 u/l ( 130 - 340 ) serum alkaline phosphatase

Many thanks shelly


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Kellogs, your daughter's results don't indicated hyperthyroidism as both TSH and FT4 are comfortably within range.

CRP is low which is good.

High white cell and neutrophils can indicate viral or bacterial infection. Your daughter's are slightly raised and unlikely to be anything of concern.

Low levels of ALP may be seen temporarily after blood transfusions or heart bypass surgery. A deficiency in zinc may cause decreased levels. A rare genetic disorder of bone metabolism called hypophosphatasia can cause severe, protracted low levels of ALP. Malnutrition or protein deficiency as well as Wilson disease could also be possible causes for lowered ALP.


Thankyou for your reply. My daughter has been off school with fatigue suffers from both hot and cold body temps sensitive to light her periods have now stopped she gets very emotional and has trouble concentrating . Now sure wot to think now.


Kellogs, often a slight rise or dip below range isn't indicative of much but it is worth discussing the ALP result with your daughter's GP and questioning why her periods have stopped. I assume she isn't anorexic?


Your daughters results seem fine however since you have Graves you need to watch her because my daughter was given the all clear at 19 but by 24 she was well down the road of Hashimotos and now all 4 of her children are suffering it too


How are they doing? My meds don't work for you may remember.


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