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Blood Test Results

Morning all!

Long time no speak but it's been a busy old year so far and I think it's finally showing. Life and work have been amazing but with that it has meant since end of March it's been all go.

I had amazing test results in February and I knew I'd been feeling better than I'd done for the past 3 years. February results were:

TSH: 0.4 range 0.5-4.5

T4: 12, range 9-23

T3: 5.9, range 3.8-6.9

I'm on 100mcg T4 and 30 T3. Like I say, I was all go and travelling most weeks with work. From June I started to crash and noticed my ankles were swollen to point were husband thought I'd had an accident.

Work has calmed down so scheduled a blood test as I knew I was under - I'm so happy I can tell these days and to trust your body. I had a call from the receptionist today to make an appointment with the GP (usually it's a telephone call) so that's booked in for Friday. I think they want to make sure I'm still alive:

Results from Tuesdays blood test:

TSH: 3.5 range 0.5-4.5

T4: 7, range 9-23

T3: 3.6, range 3.8-6.9

They have decreased quite drastically since February and I know I'm not about to keel over yet but I'm getting there. Is it worth increasing a bit before the GP's next week?

Also, any recommendation on which med I should increase? Both? Conversion is an issue for me.

Any comments/advise much welcome.

Going to get my blanket on in the workplace while everyone is in shorts - HAPPY SUMMER! xx

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Hi Pennyrose, your Feb results were excellent but your June results suck. FT4 and FT3 have dropped below range which is why TSH has risen. It looks as if your own thyroid production has packed up so you need a dose increase.

I'd be inclined to raise T3 by 10mcg which is equivalent to 30mcg Levothyroxine (T4). It will work faster than increasing T4 in 25mcg increments, which you may also need increasing in 6 weeks, but increasing one at a time is the usual protocol.


Thanks so much - I definitely feel better with T3 and I guest that will maybe help my t4 situation?

I feel so flat! x


Pennyrose, T3 will raise FT3 but won't do anything for FT4. You'll probably need more Levothyroxine too but as dose increase are in 25mcg T4 or 10mcg T3 increments it will take time.


Hey clutter, just seen the gp. Initially he fell into the TSH trap "it's not too high, we prefer it between 1-2" until I reminded him my endo wants it suppressed. He's increased my t4- was a bit too exhausted and unusually emotional to argue(I cried, very embarrassing) It's going up to 150mcg and retest. He was concerned I haven't had a period in 2 years (advised I usually get a couple of hours of light spotting but not even that now) and also asked if they had treated my hashis with radioactive iodine? I thought that was for overactive/ graves?

Anyway I told him I wasn't fussed about no periods but he's writing to me endo. How can your results change so much in a relatively short time? I haven't felt this exhausted in such a long time, you kind of forget what it's like x


Penny, 50mcg dose increase should tame that TSH. You might want to start with 25mcg for a week or two before increasing to 50mcg.

Maybe one Hashi flare too many has made your thyroid pack up completely. I have no thyroid and need 75-100mcg T4 + 30mcg to feel well. 75+20 didn't suppress my TSH.

RAI ablates the thyroid gland and is usually used for hyperthyroid patients and post thyroidectomy for thyCa patients.

I hope you'll feel better soon.


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