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should I go back on the levothyroxine and t3 combo? can you get tirosint on nhs? can u combine tirosint with t3?

hi there

just getting my print outs of my tests at 4pm today. was at the doctors complaining about fatigue and my doctor was not there ( he is the only one doctor in the surgery and i live in a very small village) but went to see a nurse instead so she has passed on my details. My b12 levels are 385, vitamin D was low not sure what i think it was 23 or something not sure all i know that it was one notch below normal range.

my tsh level is 0.01

t3 level is 5 no idea the normal range i think it was 3.5 -6 but nurse said its within range and t4 is 4.7 roughly normal range is 9-21 the nurse was concerned about the low t4 levels.

Im on 40 mg of t3 and i asked the nurse to tell the doctor if he can prescribe tirosint medication so she is gonna check that out.

I am wondering if I should go back on levothyroxine? because I have noticed that when i on the t3/t4 combo, my t4 levels float around 9-12 and my t3 is always at 1.6.

when ive been on ndt i have never felt better - again t4 levels are around 12 and my t3 was around 1.6

can you get tirosint on nhs? i never tried before and wonder if you can get t3 added on it too?

I am bloomin sick of feeling exhausted and chronic fatigue and sleeping in late all the time for college and constantly feeling like i just cant be bothered and dont care anymore! im sick of getting my head nipped by people calling me lazy:(

my weight is 101kg im 5ft 7 (170cm)

last time i checked i was around 115kg and that was a few month back.

I hate my thyroid pot belly and has anyone got any tips on how to get rid of it?

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I forgot to mention my iron levels are high - last time i checked it was 102 then after that it was 115 and i think its now that a sign of me having haemochromatosis?


Do you know the high range for your test and are you well over? Inflammation will also raise ferritin. STTM has this about iron if you scroll down through the lab tests.


Apparently high, but not over range, ferritin can be a marker for insulin resistance - don't know if it's cause and effect, though.


This is a link which may be helpful. I have a low T4 because I am not taking any. I am taking T3. When we take NDT or T3 only, our bloods cannot 'fit' into the usual ones the GP goes by as they are, really, for the use of levothyroxine alone.

This is a link which may be helpful:-

This is another one, the gist of it is we need sufficient hormones to feel good. Not kept 'in range'. T3 is the Active hormone all our cells need, T4 is only a prohormone and if it doesn't convert to sufficient T3 we cannot get well. Excerpt

"There are two potential sources I know of for people feeling awful when they are on T4-replacement. One source is the extremely low dosage that doctors typically prescribe nowadays. A low dose of T4 can effectively reduce TSH secretion. The lower TSH can in turn lower the thyroid gland’s output of thyroid hormone. At the same time, low-dose T4 may not compensate for the thyroid gland’s reduced output of thyroid hormone. The patient then has too little thyroid hormone to properly regulate the metabolism of most of her body’s tissues. She then ends up with abnormally low metabolism and troubling hypothyroid symptoms. I’ve written about this before on"

When we are on NDT, and symptoms return if we've been stable for a little while, we have to increase, maybe only by 1/4 gr at a time, and so on until we reach a dose which alleviates everything. If we feel overstimulated, then we drop down by the same amount. It is about getting stable on a particular dose and that varies with everyone.

Your B12 does look low even if you haven't the ranges, so you need to take sublingual methylcobalamin B12. You can get these on Amazon if you use the affiliate link:

you cannot overdose on B12 as excess is excreted very quickly. Your Vit D needs to be raised as well if it is low. Both are called vitamins but they are actually pro-hormones and can cause problems too.

Before the blood tests came into force in the '60's people were medicated according to symptoms and increased till they went. No-one had any idea of blood levels of the thyroid.

As you have been feeling quite well on NDT, I think you should try an increase and see how things go.


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