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T3 and where to get it. I read here that Turkish T3 can be bought, can you help please?

Hello all!

I know there are many problems in getting T3 and I have just read that enlightening article in PULSE by a GP who has hypothyroidism and her arguments for T3 being more financially accessible to all. I have been on Thyroid S and currently Thiroyd and not getting on with them at all. Wonder if it's something to do with the fillers? Can anyone help me with a T3 source, I've tried my GP and she won't entertain it. Thanks

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Have you had FT3 tested in addition to TSH? Most people using NDT do well when FT3 is in the upper third of range.

Do you intend to add T3 to NDT or switch to T3 only?


Can you post the link to Pulse article

Sounds interesting


This one, I think - the link is to this forum's discussion: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

link to article: pulsetoday.co.uk/views/dr-r...


healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... is the forum discussion :)


Hello...I bought my last supply of Tiromel T3 from a Pharmacist in Kalkan Turkey, I find them perfectly fine and have bought from him on two occasions, my sister also used the same brand. If you're interested I could send you his details, I'm sure if you covered the cost of postage he would send them to you. Let me know and good luck.

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Thank you Elspethman that would be so helpful.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Elspeth, İ am in turkey and have been told T3 iş unavailable here, please could you send me the detailş of the Pharmacişt in Kalkan. Thank you


Hi Clutter sorry didn't get back to you sooner but your reply came in on spam

Anyway recent bloods om 3 grains Thiroyd. Just T3 5.2 range 3.10 _ 6.8. T4 10.4 range 12.00 - 22. TSH 0.02 range 0.27 - 4.20.

I'm looking to switch to T3 not add. I know the results look fine but I' m not well on it. Thanks


İ am in Turkey and T3 iş unavailable here.


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