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Digestive problems or something else?

Hi everyone

I am still suffering from digestive trouble at ovulation. Im not sure if it is thyroid related. I recently restarted 5mcg t3 as I cannot tolerate thyroxine. Digestion throughout the month is slow but I can eat and eliminate with the help of lactulose. So yes it's all slowed down but seems to work.

Then every month around day 14 ( ovulation ) it all seems to seize up. It feels like something is blocking my intestines. If I carry on eating it is like it just fills me up but nothing gets through so I start to feel ill. Sick and headache. My stomach bloats badly. I have tried everything to get things moving. Up to 10 vit c 1,000 mg per day, lactulose, vit d 10,000, magnesium, t3, ACV, domperidone ( to empty stomach ) absolutely nothing will shift it. I have learnt to not eat at this time to avoid getting ill but most of the time it is leading to an infection. It seems to clear around day 17-18 of my cycle. So I am unable to eliminate for around 3-4 days. I don't understand why this is causing me to have an intestinal infection everytime. Some people are constipated for longer than that and they don't get infections. Sometimes when I have taken antibiotics and am starting to go again it looks like ribbons so I feel that there is some kind of blockage going on.

My doctors have said it is IBS and said to eat more. They don't get it when I tell them I cannot eat during this time. I can feel something on the left side tighten when ovulation comes around and it feels like something is blocking the intestine.

I have a tipped back uterus and two fibroids around 4cm but the doctors dismissed this. Also back in 2000 I was told I had nodules indicative of endometriosis. I didn't have a laparoscopy as it didn't really bother me at the time.

It happens at the end of my period too ( day 5 ) but not as severe. You could set your watch by the same time it happens each month

I know that hormones affect the bowel and digestion and make it slow down but I don't understand how IBS could make someone this ill. I don't get diarrhoea at all. I am begining to dread ovulation each month as I know that I will be ill. This has been going on for ages and I have lost over two stone- that's with untreated hypo.

Do you think that something else is going on? I am wondering if my tipped womb pressing on bowel or endometriosis. I really am at my wits end as the doctors are not really taking this seriously.

Thanks for any advice or thoughts

Carolineanne x

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My guess would be that you have ovarian cysts blocking your bowel. Women with endometriosis often develop problem cysts. You have a couple of choices :

1) Ask your doctor if an ultrasound scan can be arranged (urgently) for a time when you are likely to be ovulating.

2) Alternatively, (and much quicker, and the choice I would make) if you are bunged up so badly that you stop eating because of it, you could go to A&E next time it happens. A bowel obstruction can be very nasty indeed, and so can a burst ovarian cyst. You shouldn't be forced to wait for months for a proper investigation.


Thank you so much for replying and not saying it sounds like IBS :) I wondered about cysts but everything I say to the doctor gets dismissed. I have had nausea at this time that has felt like severe morning sickness. You're right I probably should go to A and E. It's daft but I worry I will waste their time after the GP dismissing my symptoms. I will go next time it happens. Than you for your advice.

Best wishes

CA x


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