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Digestive Enzymes

Hi all. I have Hashimoto thyroiditis and have always struggled with my digestion. After 2 courses of antibiotics in February this year it got really bad. I changed my diet to Gluten Free and eat only healthy fresh foods, drink mainly water and camomile tea and take a double dose of extra strong probiotics and some Manuka 15 honey. This has all helped but still not normal. Then I read about digestive enzymes. I started them once a day with dinner and after 3 days three times a day with every meal. In the beginning it seemed to feel good, no bloating or acid reflux although dizziness and light headache as side effects. After a few days I got terrible bloating and stomach ache and constipation and muscle ache. I would like to know what other Hashi people's experience is with digestive enzymes please?

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I've not used enzymes myself, but when looking into the subject I read that in some cases taking digestive enzymes can cause side effects such as upset stomach, diarrhea or an allergic reaction. Have you looked into combining prebiotics with your probiotics?


Thanks NomoreT3. I just looked at Prebiotics supplement that will help to feed the Probiotics I take. It says to take 1g before each meal, would that be in water? I take my probiotics at the beginning of my breakfast. Would that be OK at roughly the same time with the Prebiotics?


You might have low stomach acid. Many of us have it.

See this link



Thank you for the link Anthea55. Yes I know I have low stomach acid from doing the sodium bicarbonate test a little while ago. Just don't want to use apple cider vinegar because of yeast and a bit scared to try Betaine HCL.


I understand that you may be wary of using Betaine HCL. I use the cider vinegar, but I'm not worried about yeast. I think it's important to improve stomach acid.

Can I suggest that you create a new post asking for people's experiences of using Betaine HCL for low stomach acid. There may be other things that can be used if you don't want the yeast in ACV.


Thanks very much Anthea55 for your kind reply. I might do that


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