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Repeated 'food poisoning' like episodes

I have got strange digestive issues going on. Every couple of weeks I am getting 'food poisoning' symptoms. I cannot believe that someone could get food poisoning as regularly as I am. A lot of the time when it happens my partner eats the same food and he suffers no symptoms at all. The symptoms are the same but it doesn't cause my system to eliminate immediately. It is like my system shuts down and so it stays inside and seems to poisons me making me feel extremely ill. When I eventually do eliminate it is green and smells vile so something is going on.

I am beginning to wonder if there is something more to this or is it just down to a compromised immune system? I have to be very careful what I eat. If we open something and and store the remainder in the fridge for the next day I know that I cannot eat it as it will make me ill. My partner will eat it and he will be ok. For example, last week I opened a packet of mozzarella for a salad and put the remainder in a bowl covered in foil in the fridge. The next evening we used it on a salad and I got sick and my partner did not.

Could this be from low stomach acid or low good bacteria? Although I do take probiotics. It is really affecting my daily life now as I am constantly ill and when I tell people I've got food poisoning they say 'again!' I am seriously wondering what is going on. I am not optimal on my meds yet so could that be the reason or perhaps it is more adrenal? I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thank you :)

Carolineanne x

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If you and your partner are sharing the same food you'd both be ill if it was food poisoning. It's more likely that you have some food sensitivities or allergies. Maybe you could keep a food diary and note adverse reactions for a couple of months to track down what may be upsetting you.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Thanks Clutter

I couldn't understand why it was only me getting ill so maybe that's a good possibility. I never used to have this so could it be likely food allergies/ intolerances could be due to thyroid/adrenal problems? A diary is a good idea, thanks for the idea. :)


I'd say allergies or histamine build up as when you open a container it starts to grow bacteria producing histamine. Some are very sensitive to it. In some food it grows faster that's why you either keep them cold all the time as much as possible and/or freeze any leftovers or any food causing troubles.

For example cheese is very histamine rich anyways.

Like clutter said keeping food diary could be easiest way to see a pattern.


Thank you Justina

That is very interesting info. :)


I used to have this too but with vomitting rather than loose BMs. I have found an improvement on cutting out all dairy foods. Might be worth giving this a try although an allergy test might be better before you experiment with cutting gluten or dairy. Coeliacs disease can cause these symptoms but, for accuracy, you need to be on a full gluten diet for six weeks before you are tested.

Also - have you had an abdominal scan ever? because gallstones can make a person feel as if they have food poisoning after a meal I found. I had my gallbladder out last year but have had other unrelated problems since that have caused a dairy intollerence I believe. The immediate nausea/ vomitting after a meal has gone with the gallbladder - after many years of putting up with it. It really doesn't sound like food poisoning as such.


Thank you :)


Interesting! Thanks :)


This keeps happening to me too, but I am dairy, gluten, soy free. And it wasn't leftovers it was freshly cooked food which were then frozen and made fresh again the following week and I got no food poisoning that week so it can't be the food causing it in that case.


I remember a few years ago, I got this from a swimming pool. Anyway anytime I felt sick or I was about to vomit I took Ibuprofen, it worked and went away. Goodluck hope you feel better soon.


I remember my brother having a on again, off again food poisoning problem. The food poisoning was in his commercial salad dressing bottle. As two of you are eating together, the other’s suggestions seem more likely.


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