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Help Reading Blood Test Results

Hi Folks

I've just managed to get a copy of my last 5 results from my GP.

06/12/13 Free T4 Level = 15.2 TSH Level = 0.03

22/01/14 Free T4 Level = 14.5 TSH Level = 1.64

11/03/14 Free T4 Level = 19.7 TSH Level = 0.23

30/07/14 Free T4 Level = 19.8 TSH Level = 4.11

01/09/14 Free T4 Level = 19.0 TSH Level = 1.53

How does this look? is it all heading in the right direction. Could I soon be weaned off carbimazole? I'm currently on 10mg daily?

Thanks in advance


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Doot, most people are on Carbimazole for 12/18 months before being weaned off. It looks like you were on too high a dose when your TSH was 4.11 but your latest results look good.


thanks Clutter, my dose hasn't changed since March, when it was increased from 5mg daily to10mg daily?

Glad it looks like it's going in the right direction now.

thanks again.....I'm not too good at understanding these things :-(


Doot, TSH usually rises when FT4 drops. Yours look about right now but if TSH rises it means your dose needs decreasing slightly to prevent you becoming hypothyroid.

If your TSH drops lower than just under 1.0 and your FT4 rises over range you may be becoming hyperthyroid and need a slight increase in dose.

This is why blood tests are done at 4/8 week intervals to avoid over and under medication.


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