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New blood results!

Hi guys

So my doctor tested my T3 and over the phone told me my results- TSH is 1.12, my T4 is 14, and my T3 is 3.6. He has told me to speak to the local Endo when I see him but he isn't going to change my meds.. He said my T3 is slightly under the normal range but that could be over medication!!! I still feel tired, cold, hair failing out and weight gain! Anyone think I'm over medicated?

My last bloods were


Urea and electrolytes

Serum sodium 137 mmol/L (134-145)

Serum potassium 4.6 mmol/L (3.6 - 5.0)

Serum urea level 3.6 mmol/L (1.7 - 7.1)

Serum creatinine 72 umol/L (49-50)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 82 ml/min/1.73m^2

Thyroid function test:

Serum TSH level 7.55mu/L (0.35 - 3.50)

Serum free T4 level 12 pmol/L (8-21)


Urea and electrolytes

Serum sodium 140 mmol/L (134-145)

Serum potassium 4.7 mmol/L (3.6 - 5.0)

Serum urea level 4.6 mmol/L (1.7 - 7.1)

Serum creatinine 62 umol/L (49-50)

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD >90 ml/min/1.73m^2

Serum TSH level 2.22 muL/L (0.35 - 3.50)


Serum TSH level

Serum TSH level 8 mu/L (0.35 - 3.50)

(DRR9732) - Abnormal


Serum TSH level 1.31 mu/L (0.35 - 3.50)

Thanks :)

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Nope. Not over medicated.

Not adequately treated either.

Suggest you ask admin for the pulse article and insist your doctor reads it. If he was on the ball he would have read it, answered questions and got himself cod points. But he is obviously not on the ball.

Admin is louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk though there might be an e on it.. :-(


Edit: Cod points..... Lol. I mean CPD.


Thanks for that... I'll email Loiuse.

Let's hope I get help from my local hospital :( xxx


Impossible to tell from TSH alone. But 24/11/15 indicates undermedication (very).


Low T3 ain't ever gonna be caused by overmedication.

Not sure how he thinks that's possible!


Could I ask for T3 medication? I wonder if that would then lower my TSH. Or should I increase my Levothyroxine?


find a new doctor and pray he is better.


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