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Blood test results and indifferent hospital

I had an NHS Endo appt at the end of July. I had some blood tests done before my appt so to be available at my consultation.

Test rslts were not mentioned so I presumed there was not a problem but I was asked to have a further TFT in 6 wks + a thyroid scan with a further appt in 3 mths My Nov appt was put back to end of Dec so I contacted the hospital to find out why and see if I cd get an earlier appt. No luck with that but sec said she wd send cc of bid rslts to GP and I got a cc and I

wd appreciate comments.

On 75 thyroxine 5 days + 100 fr 2 days.

TSH 0.08 (0.27-4.20) L

FT4 10.3 (12-22) L

FT3 2.6 (4-6.8) L

In addition my vit B12 was high so I have stopped supplementing.

On my liver function test LFT- ALP (Alkaline phosphatase) was high ditto same on bone test.

My FBC also showed a slight high and slight low on a cple of readings.

I was angry that with those rslts I am expected to wait 5 mths fr

a follow up.

The Registrar I saw has now left but I have asked fr 1 of the docs on the team to contact me Monday re these rslts also I have an appt. with GP next wk.

Wd be glad to get sme feedback which might help when I spk to docs.


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If you have hypo symptoms, it looks like secondary hypothyroidism and/or still undermedicated (TSH low, T3 and T4 under range). Really high B12 isn't dangerous in any way. The active B12 test might give you more of a clue. The regular serum test is very inaccurate, especially if you have been supplementing. How's your ferritin and folate? Liver problems would mean you weren't converting your meds adequately.


Thks fr yr reply.

Ferritin low so supplementing. Folate high. I thk I am not making enuf T3. On higher doses of thyroxine T4 becomes high but T3 stays low so could be looking at pooling. Am considering T3 only.


Your TSH is too low given your low fT3, fT4. A low TSH will reduce type-2 deiodinase which converts T4 to T3. This suggests a degree of secondary hypothyroidism (some degree, not total). Extra T4 will increase your fT4 and reduce your fT3. I think you will need to include some T3 in your medication. Because the TSH is unusually low your endo needs to pay attention to your fT3 and fT4 rather than the TSH.


Agreed problem is getting T3 but will self mediicate if necessary.


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