Burning and tingling feet,legs, hands

I asked some time ago if anyone else suffered with this problem.

Several members did and many seemed at a loss as to cause and how to improve thgs. I promised to post if I found a solution, Don't know if this wd work fr everyone but my symptoms have grtly improved since adding T3 to thyroxine. Might be worth a try fr fellow sufferers.

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  • I have his too and have had for some considerable time (along with loads of other seemingly unrelated symptoms) and now diagnosed with hypothyroidism last week. Been on levothyroxine for 6 days so far. My Gp kept ignoring it when I asked about it, then said it was cellulitis, then sent to dermatologist as I had a 17 year old lesion on the affected leg - he said it was lipodermal sclerosis and I was too fat!!! I am starting to learn about HypoT now and will bear in mind T3 when seeing GP.

  • Hello, tingling and burning sensations in limbs can also mean vit. B12 defficiency. Just something to keep in mind.

  • b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

    T3 will of course improve circulation to the peripheral tissues - but as others have mentioned do check your B12. Also remember that symptoms can precede the blood result by years....

  • There is such a thing as Hypothyroid Neuropathy..so yes, it can improve or resolve with the right thyroid meds.

  • thanks all for replies. I am no smarter about Hypo yet and not sure GP is motivated to progress beyond immediate presenting symptoms. Haven't had a levels check since first diagnosis but have learned that my heart is enlarged (it wasnt in 2011) and dont feel much better than I did pre levo -but some things have slightly improved but seems a bit sporadic. Oh well onwards and upwards

  • I have horrible burning that started in hands and feet right after eating, only after eating. I haven't had a bout in months, all blood work normal, no Meds. I ate just a few bites of ordinary chicken, and before it didn't matter what I ate, nuts, no nuts, spicy, bland, gluten free, gluten, no difference whatsoever, I really don't think it's allergy related, and within seconds I was burning from head to toe! Scalp, lips, eyeballs, rib cage, palms, wrists, calves, ankles, tops and bottoms of feet, thank god I had six large very frozen ice packs! I would completely lose my mind it's so bad (and serious pain I'm used to) without them, I apply and roll in a ball to hold them all in the worst places, today had a headache for the first time too. Within an hour the intensity subsides, the panic settles and in another half hour it's gone. I could and have eaten the exact same thing on another day, nothing! The last time was just palms and bottoms of feet at least six months ago, this was right out of the blue! If anything I'm on a good fat but higher fat diet, yogurt and berries and bananas, nuts and seeds, meat, and what veggies I can make myself eat! I have read these kinds of sites on this, no one has an answer, my doctor pays no attention when I mention it, it seems to fall in that category that's ignored because they can't solve it? I was on extremely high doses of gabapentin for something else, I never got any relief nor did I expect it, only the ice packs and waiting and wondering when it will happen again. I cut out dairy and spicy food, it doesn't matter though! If I knew to avoid something I certainly would! Just came through Christmas and ate everything without thinking, not one problem. Four days later I eat five bites of chicken and I'm on the ceiling! Definitely connected to eating, has never happened other than while eating. Anyone similar? Getting this bout so much worse really put a scare in me!!

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