Burning and tingling feet,legs, hands

I asked some time ago if anyone else suffered with this problem.

Several members did and many seemed at a loss as to cause and how to improve thgs. I promised to post if I found a solution, Don't know if this wd work fr everyone but my symptoms have grtly improved since adding T3 to thyroxine. Might be worth a try fr fellow sufferers.

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  • I have his too and have had for some considerable time (along with loads of other seemingly unrelated symptoms) and now diagnosed with hypothyroidism last week. Been on levothyroxine for 6 days so far. My Gp kept ignoring it when I asked about it, then said it was cellulitis, then sent to dermatologist as I had a 17 year old lesion on the affected leg - he said it was lipodermal sclerosis and I was too fat!!! I am starting to learn about HypoT now and will bear in mind T3 when seeing GP.

  • Hello, tingling and burning sensations in limbs can also mean vit. B12 defficiency. Just something to keep in mind.

  • b12deficiency.info/signs-an...

    T3 will of course improve circulation to the peripheral tissues - but as others have mentioned do check your B12. Also remember that symptoms can precede the blood result by years....

  • There is such a thing as Hypothyroid Neuropathy..so yes, it can improve or resolve with the right thyroid meds.

  • thanks all for replies. I am no smarter about Hypo yet and not sure GP is motivated to progress beyond immediate presenting symptoms. Haven't had a levels check since first diagnosis but have learned that my heart is enlarged (it wasnt in 2011) and dont feel much better than I did pre levo -but some things have slightly improved but seems a bit sporadic. Oh well onwards and upwards

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