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Good GP in London who will prescribe T3

I had a thyroid lobectomy 3 years ago and have been trying to manage my hypothyroidism since.

No support from GP, but have seen Dr Peatfield and basically self managed myself.

I am an Australian living here but currently spending 6 months of the year here and 6 months in Australia where I have medical insurance and an excellent GP.

So it’s a bit of a struggle to manage my health and I now realise that I need a supportive GP here.

I’m currently taking T3 & DHEA and feeling pretty good. And really don’t won’t to change my medications at this stage.

Can anyone recommend a private GP in London who is sympathetic to prescribing T3 & DHEA and won’t just use the TSH levels as a guide to good health. (I don't think a NHS Dr will prescribe these).

With thanks!

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Mortimermary, email for a list of private GPs who may have been recommended.


Would your GP in Australia prescribe you enough for the six months you spend in the UK?


That is an option I'm going to look into. My concern is if I run out and don't have a source here I'd be in a difficult situation.


Everyone needs to think about things like losing a packet or dropping an open pot of pills down the WC! But especially so when the sourcing of replacements isn't straightforward.


I had the same done as an emergency three years ago but they could only do a partial but I'm supposed to have regular scans via my gp as the bit left is growing but he won't send me. I also have PA, asthma, AS and Fibromyalgia. Have just had biopsies for stomach polyps which are bleeding but all they do is say carry on with the tablets!


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