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Will Endicronologist prescribe T3?

Many months ago I was very ill with thyroid at 10.82. Continued problems now for many years. Anyway the Out of hours gp said they'd suggest to my gp to refer me to Endicronologist.

Now I don't have a gp at the moment as susch because she's on maternity leave so I see who ever is available (causes more mess). Anyway, the first gp said 'Oh no we don't refer to Endo for underactive thyroid'. So I gave up as its so hard when being so poorly.

Then I got additonal horrible health problems and saw another doctor who came to my house. He said well now your T4 has increased you feel better and I said yes. But what I meant was 'I'm awake' (thats how bad I was). They've tested my thyroid since and it has come back into range. But I'm still so very weak etc and simply stay in the house as I've no energy at all just none. The out of hours suspected 'Hashimotos' and thats why they thought I should see endicronologist but I can't seem to get any help with this. Do Endicronoligist prescribe T3 if so what can I do? Any thoughts folks as I need help, thank you in advance :)

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Just being 'in range' is not the same as optimal. Can you post the numbers? With the ranges, of course. How much T4 are you taking?

'Better' is a weasel word! Because it can be a comparative - as in 'I'm not as bad as I was - or a absolute - as in 'I'm cured'. I feel I always have to qualify : yes, I'm a bit better, thank you, but still a long way to go until I feel back to my old self! :)


Flowers14 Some endos will, some won't, they are being told not to because of cost.

3 months ago you were given excellent advice about your nutrient levels and Hashimoto's by Humanbean in this post

So, what are you supplementing and what are your current levels. No thyroid hormone, not even T3 if you were prescribed it, will work properly unless your vitamins and minerals are at optimal levels.

What are your current thyroid test results? Ask for a print out, you know you are entitled to them.

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Yes he did and I appreciated it and told him so to. So I started taking Vit D. I also started B12. Yes I do know I'm entitled to them and I got them. My thyroid tsh has lowered to 0.8 now so things are better (I'm awake) but I'm in terrible nerve pain. Severe weakness in both arms and Carpel tunnel feeling in hands and fingers tingling and numbness and knee joint aches. I have been informed that I could have Pernicious Anemia as it can cause all of my symptoms. My b12 is 300 and I's told I was in range but feel terrible. Anyway I would still like to get to see the endocrinoligist as suggested by the out of hours gp. How can I get through to all these doctors that I need to see a endo? or someone as I'm in a terrible way. Honestly, they wouldn't leave a dog the way theyve left me its disgusting


As you have Hashimotos you really need to try gluten free as well as improving vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin.

As SeasideSusie says - if our vitamin levels are rubbish it doesn't matter if it's T4 or T3 the cells struggle to use it

Gluten can be huge hidden issue. Some find enormous immediate benefits, others it's more subtle

Gp's don't understand the connection between Hashimotos & gut and low nutrients.

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Yes I'm trying. I've been taking Vit D and B12. I agree but how can I get to see an endocrinologist. Its so hard to get the referral even though it was suggested. I'd like to know If I'm Hashimotos and/or Pernicious Anemia which can cause dreadful symptoms. I just want to get better :)


Sadly my own experience of several different endocrinologists was that none of them even suggested gluten or gut function as an issue

In 25 years not one tested my vitamin D, folate, ferritin or B12

Turns out I am severely gluten intolerant, significantly vitamin D deficient, and low magnesium & all B vitamins

If I had my time back I would get full thyroid & vitamin tests and see a nutritionist


I understand. I've been left to and its a living hell isn't it. I got my vit checked and humabean on hear helped me with that but the flipping doctors arent helping much at all amd I'm mostly housebound and have the energy of an ill ant. I'm searching for help constantly but I'm so flipping poorly. I've been told my b12 is low but I didn't know it could cause nerve pain which is what I have and weakness and tingling etc etc. This isn't reversible and I'm going downhill very fast. My gp says my b12 is in range but I'm reading that its not. I bought b12 and its helping a little bit but my god I've never been so flipping ill. All my friends are out and about and I barely leave the house . I've had my thyroids done nhs and privately but I need to see a endicronoligist as it seems some T3 may help or may not but why all the headaches for something so simple except for money. Its disgusting isn't it. They don't do all the full thyroid tests thats why I went private or they'd have left me another 6 months freezing and losing hair and sleeping. Its a living hell


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