Good GP in London E14?


Looking for a good and understanding GP in London E14. Unfortunately I have to change GP as moving house. So scared :( My GP has been helpful and don't want to end up with a horrible one just cause moving house!

Thank you.

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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  • Can you not stay with your GP at present, or is it too far away.

  • It is. I would not mind travelling but heard I have to change practice if moving house. I haven't discussed this my current GP yet but surely must get a new one.

  • I hope someone has a recommendation for you.

  • Thank you. I tried reading reviews on NHS but all received mixed comments so that didn't help much. Hope someone can recommend a good one.

  • Starlight, You can often remain registered with a GP outside their catchment area but they won't make home visits if you are too ill to attend the surgery and you may end up having to call for an ambulance to take you to hospital.

  • Thank you, then I will check. But just in case they say no it'd be good to have plan b.

  • A good GP is worth preserving (sometimes). If I moved house and was in your position, I would not inform the surgery that I had moved. If I needed help urgently I might call an ambulance and say I was staying with a relative! I so do not like the police state we are living in!

  • Agree. I'd do the same but considering applying for ESA and for that I need proof of address and will have to go for interviews in that area. I've got my "unfit for work" certificate but still don't know whether it's worth applying or can't make a living on ESA and as heard they do everything to give you as little as possible. So soon will have to go back to work no matter how I'm doing.

  • Also, when i moved house my old understanding GP told me she'd be unable to make a referral for me... e.g. to an endo as she was on the brink of doing. And you're right about the reviews telling us nothing about how a particular GP or locum at a given surgery will deal with thyroid sufferers.

    I wish i could interview prospective GPs for my business. Now that would be "choice". As it is i have landed with a useless GP who isn't even on the surgery's list of GPs, so i think she's a locum. I sometimes feel like registering with another surgery but then am overtaken by exhaustion when i think of starting all over again on the roller coaster.

    I have a good friend who lives in my old catchment area and have toyed with the idea of changing my "home address" on a bank account i have but rarely use in order to "prove" my address and reregister with the original surgery. Don't even know if that would work...

  • Good idea, wish I could interview GPs too. As I really don't wanna lose my t3 prescription. GP prescribed based on endo's approval but mostly I was pushing for it. So I don't want the new GP to potentially trying to overrule or something. Also I'm struggling with MS symptoms and a long series of investigations is going on. Again I don't want an idiot who could start questioning me instead of giving support. It's enough to fight with the neurologist.

    I think the thing with the bank account could work if they only need one proof of address.

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