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Did well on Armour now problems

Had a TT in 2000. Did well on Armour now get jitters inside. Have to control blood sugar with low carb diet. Weak no energy. Now after drinking tons of well water they did a Zyto scan and said arsenic levels high. Just had water tested we are drinking bottled water. Taking liquid chlorophyll a

and lemon water. Dhea and selenium helps. Calcium chewable caltrate helps the jitters. Doc says it should clear body in two weeks. Trying to do rverything right and now this. Oh and blood pressure up from the stress. Taking cinnamon. Vit c and vit e and vit d and garlic and baby aspirin. I was so healthy now I can barely function. So discouraged

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Can I ask what kind of food you do eat, since you are eating low carb?


Chicken tuna fish fish cod perch vegetables brocoli carrots do eat a little oat and wheat bread and eat cheerios with blueberrirs bean burrito salad romaine lettuce celery with peanut butter apples yoghurt Greek some roast beef chicken tacos meat loaf soup miss the carbs but brought blood sugar down :)


The reason I asked is because the two main sources of energy for the human body are carbs and fats. If you are eating low carb you must make sure you eat plenty of fats and oils. I have gradually reduced my carbs and increased my fats and oils over the last couple of years. It is amazing what a difference it has made to my energy levels and brain fog. Also, my vitamin D levels have finally moved into the healthy range after supplementing for ages. Vitamin D is one of the fat soluble vitamins, so fat is vital to getting the levels up. I make sure that the only fats and oils that I use are ones that humans have been eating for centuries - no fake fats like margarine for me!


Very good ifeas. I tried to fo a reply earlier and it fisappeared


I am sorry you have even more problems to contend with. This is an excerpt I have just read for your information. I don't think I will eat Brussel Sprouts again!

Researchers asked 852 participants about their average consumption over the previous year of 120 different foods, including dairy, fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, breads, beverages and baked goods. They found arsenic in toenail clippings is most strongly linked with consumption of alcohol -- especially beer for men and white wine for women -- and Brussels sprouts. Those who drank more alcohol and ate more Brussels sprouts had more arsenic in their toenail clippings, which makes sense because alcoholic beverages can have higher arsenic content and are known to interfere with the metabolic pathways that detoxify arsenic. The findings support recent studies that show high concentrations of arsenic in Brussels sprouts and related vegetables because arsenic binds to the sulfur-containing compounds that give them their characteristic odors.

Researchers also found increased toenail arsenic in people who eat dark meat fish, which include tuna steaks, mackerel, salmon, sardines, bluefish and swordfish. Fish generally contain a form of arsenic that is thought to safely pass through the human body without being metabolized, but dark meat fish also contain arsenic compounds that can be metabolized.


I knew there had to be a reason why I didn't like fish and brussels sprouts! Especially together! lol

Thanks for that, shaws, very interesting.

Hugs, Grey

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Regarding your jitters...

Have you tried decreasing your levels of Armor for a week or two - maybe by just 1/4 of a tablet? If that doesn't work then consider increasing by 1/4 tablet?

If neither has any effect, or just makes you feel worse, then your problems may be caused by too much or too little cortisol i.e. adrenal problems. To start investigating that you would need to do an adrenal stress profile (a saliva test) by Genova Diagnostics.

Unfortunately the NHS won't help with adrenal problems unless you are at one of the extremes - massively too much cortisol (Cushing's Syndrome/Disease) or massively deficient (Addison's Disease). They won't help with testing either. So it is up to each individual to get themselves tested and treated. There are people on the forum who are good at interpreting adrenal results and what to do about them, so post the results on here if you get a test done.


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