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armour (being told now must take erfa)



I have been taking armour for nearly 2 years with amazing results, had taken thyroxine for nearly 20 years with no improvement of symptoms. Now being told by boots that armour isn't available and I am worried their alternative erfa will not be as good, currently on 5 grains and 50 mcg of thyroxine which seems to be my perfect dose. has anyone else had to change from armour too erfa and is there anyway I can stay on armour as I am worried about the change after doing so well.

Should I change pharmacy or are boots right that armour is now not being made!

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Groaten, answered on your previous thread

Springfield pharmacy in Richmond stocks every strength of armour.

This was also mentioned a month ago by Clarebear here:

I've heard that Armour is no longer being exported to Europe but I don't think this is the same as a pharmacy not being able to buy it in. I suggest you try other pharmacies for Armour before accepting a prescription for ERFA, because, apart from the illogicality of changing from something you're doing well on, a lot of ERFA users around the world have had problems with various batches of it since the end of last year. The last thing you want is to have to switch to something that may be faulty and, as no-one at ERFA can explain what has actually gone wrong with it, I think you can use that as your reason for refusing to change to it and for finding another pharmacy.

Hi Boots are very expensibve. Armour has had problems with the new formula. Erfa also. There are various other preps. I am having naturethiroid now. All the well known brands are available from Spring field, Richmond by post. Dedicated line MOn, Tues, Thurs and Fri, 10 am till 12 noon. 020 8255 8096


Change to Lloyds chemists, they still get Armour and keep a small amount in stock at their warehouse. I did and am so glad I did!!

Rang them this morning and they couldn't get it for me, which is a shame, but thanks for the message, karen


It has always amazed me how many here are doing great on Armour, whereas the STTM more or less dismisses the "new" Armour as ineffective...

In Belgium, which is the country I know best, many pharmacies are now unable to get Armour, so Erfa is the only option. One pharmacist even told me that Armour is no longer being manufactured...

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I have been told the same thing by one pharmacist, only to find out later another pharmacy still carries Armour...although it seems the price has doubled in recent months?!

This applies to Belgium, I have no idea what the situation looks like in the UK.

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