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Armour now working better?

A few years back, I read a lot about patients finding that "Armour did nothing for them", that "it was like taking nothing", and that it was "pretty much useless".

However, many people here seem quite happy with it.

I have been reading the information on STTM sporadically, and I understand Forest (or whatever the manufacturer is called nowadays) denies a second reformulation.

So, is my impression correct; that is, that many here are now happy with Armour?

If so, do you chew it up, swallow it, take it sublingually, crush it and mix with food...?

If you feel it is now working just fine, did you do less well on it just after the reformulation, or have you never noticed any difference?

Even if the STTM has contributed to spreading a lot of useful information, I sometimes feel that it's too "black or white", if you see what I mean...there have also been recent rumours about a reformulation of Thyroid by Erfa, denied by the manufacturer...

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I would really appreciate some input from members on Armour!

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Armour, for me anyway, is now back to what it used to be, before the reformulation.When the reformulation happened around 2009, I had no idea why I had gone so downhill and changed to Erfa temporarily.I'm sure Forest did return armour back to what it was before, despite their denial.

I crunch my tablets first thing in the morning and swallow with a glass of water,one hour before food.


My FT3 and FT4 results are better recently (and I have been feeling correspondingly well) than they have been for several years on the same dose of Armour and back to what they were when I first started taking it just before the reformulation. So I don't know whether it is coincidence or there is some truth in the rumour you have heard or whether it is because I was on a slightly lower dose for a while before I went back up to the dose I've always been on.

Currently TSH 0.02, Ft3 5.3, FT4 11.


Thanks to both of you! I read that Forest sold Armour to another company; maybe that has something to do with people getting better results lately...?


Feeling that Armour does nothing for you is not necessarily linked to the reformulation. Armour doesn't do anything for some people, it doesn't suit everyone.

No form of NDT worked for me. And I tried them all except Thyroid S. I'm much better on T3 only. We're all different.

But most definately do not crush it up and mix it with food! I should be taken one hour before food and drink, with water only, just like Levo. Or, two hours after.

And I very much agree with you about STTM.


I have a question for those of you who have been on both Armour and Erfa (if anyone has, that is:-)

Did you notice any difference between your FT and TSH levels on A and E respectively?

If so, what did they look like?


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