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Latest Blood Results

Hi everyone

Due to the helpful advice on here, I asked for more blood tests. Although T3 was not done my latest results are;

TSH 2.50 (0.30-4.80)

T4 14.6 (8.4-19.1)

I am on 100mcg levo and have been for 7 weeks.

Previous results 7 weeks ago on 50mcg levo were;

TSH 16.41

T4 14.1

Antibodies also positive and therefore told I had Hashi's

Prior to that, when diagnosed 12 weeks ago my results were;

TSH 132.96

T4 3.6

My doctor now says my results are fine and that I should stay on the 100mcg levo. Although my symptoms have slightly improved I still don't feel good. I am exausted, still losing hair and gaining weight and the pains in my legs are still terrible and I feel really down. Doctor said if T4 was fine again this time I should give it at least 3 months of 100mcg levo to see if it improves my TSH further.

I have also been prescribed 400mg Ferros Sulphate following a result of 21.4 at the end of May. Also 45 ug Vit D3 following a result of 46 (<50 deficiency) at the same time.

Following advice on here I asked for serum B12 and Folate this time. Here are the results;

B12 195 (145-914) (note - I have been taking 400 ug Folic Acid for the past 7 weeks)

Folate 5.20 (3.00-20.00) (note - I have been taking 2.5 ug Vitamin B12 for the past 7 weeks)

Report says all is fine. Only thing marked on the blood test is;

MCHC 347.0 (315.0 - 345.0) high

Can anyone shed any light on these results for me please? Should I just stay on the 100mcg levo and hope to improve further as I have only been on it a while? I read the posts on here each day to try and learn about all of this but I am not quite there yet!

Many thanks :-)

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kel, Although your TSH has reduced considerably I think your TSH is still too high and you are under medicated. Most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 and a dose increase would also improve your FT4. Scroll down to Guidelines and Treatment Options to read Dr. A. Toft's comments to Pulse Magazine

Email for a copy of the article if you wish to show it to your GP.


I agree with Clutter though still early days.

Your MCHC reading is made up from two of your other bloods by dividing your haemoglobin concentration by your haematocrit reading. I have had exactly the same problem and got a reading just out of range. If you look at those readings you may well find one is borderline. You are also taking folate which is on the low side so I think that you will find that as the iron in your blood improves then the out slightly out of range result will be good again.


Thanks Clutter and silverfox. I will go back to the docs and show her the article that Louise kindly emailed me and ask to go up to 125mcg Levothyroxine.

Thanks again.


With a B12 that low I would think further investigations are needed. Pernicious Anaemia ? - maybe you should have the anti-bodies tested for that too and the Homocysteine level. Anything under 500 on the B12 result can result in neurological symptoms and this could be causing the leg pain too. A level of 1000 is needed to prevent cognitive decline.

Do look at the Films highlighted on the left of the page on the above link.... a good website to ensure you know everything you need to know about B12. More than your Doc it would seem....

Seeing your question about vitamins had me checking your posts - I will now look again at your post of today....


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