What do you make of these results? (I'm borderline HYPO)

Started on 25mcg of Levo 6 half weeks ago and saw a different GP today, thinking may increase it as im feeling much better already But, she didn't even think I should be on Levo with my blood results!! waste of time.

Results were;

(except T3 ?? even though it was requested on the blood form.. unless they take a bit longer than other??) don't know what you can make of them...

My first results 7 weeks ago were, TSH 2.3 (0.35-4.5)

FT3 4.1 (4-8.3)

T4 11.1 (10-24)

Today they were TSH 0.97 and T4 12.3

to me it looks like they are better ....


B12 344...

Folate 14.8

Feritin 25 Ug/l

Don't know what they mean? and have no range with these?

What does it all mean??

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  • stopthethyroidmadness.com/l...

    Your FT3 and FT4 are barely over the low range. I don't know if you can do well with those levels.

  • Hi Joanne

    My results are also "borderline" & from reading here I gather I'm especially fortunate that my GP started treatment at all (back in 2004 her colleague hadn't considered them relevant so I'd gone untreated until November this year!). It may have helped that I presented with a catalogue of various symptoms (including early menopause, hair-loss, constipation etc.) that she considered collectively, sufficiently significant to investigate & with the Levo she prescribed now helping those same symptoms ameliorate, I imagine she now feels vindicated.

    I am aware I'm lucky. Doctors are trained now to work with patients as "Adults" rather than continue the historical "Parent/Child" approach but old habits do remain so it's a tightrope we're walking... In my experience professionals often feel threatened by over zealous "emotional" approaches so may become defensive & intransigent.

    We've a right to explore all our options - I prepare for appointments by reading & sifting out from here current knowledge of my condition to discuss with my Dr, asking her advice/ opinion etc. rather than listing my "demands", complaints or challenging her apparently less up to date awareness. I can't expect her to be the expert on everything - I'm just one in hundreds of patients, but I do want to become my own "specialist". (FYI I also recently updated the Pharmacist too by gently explaining I'd elected to shift the prescribed timings of my doses as calcium prevents absorption of thyroxine - she said, "I didn't know that - perhaps I should read up on it!")

    There is a growing body of opinion that no-one knows a condition better than the patient themselves but Doctors need to feel supported rather than constantly challenged - after all, they have feelings too! I'm working hard to develop a positive partnership with my GP - yes, it's my body & I know how it feels, but I make sure to let her know I do value her opinion & respect her decisions.

    Here's hoping my positive experience will continue & yours will improve! It may be worth your going back to your original GP who did investigate & prescribed treatment for continuity & for you to also develop a mutually respectful relationship with a practitioner you feel you can trust?

  • I agree with you that none of us know our condition better than ourselves but it can be very hard not to be emotional when we come across gps that are keeping us I'll rather than helping us. GPS can't know everything in depth but they should be able to admit this and refer on to somebody that does ( not that you get better care with an endo always). I think that many people on this forum have been trying to work together with their GP and have eventually given up and now find that they can do nothing else than fight. I read about appalling situations almost daily and it makes cry. Why should we spare gps feelings, they often have any considerations for us


  • I agree, your FT 3/4 results are barely in range and your FT4 has responded to treatment but you are still very low. Go back to see the original GP with all your symptoms and explain that you felt a lite better taking the thyroxine and suggest another slight increase to see where it takes you. I say slight although I feel ultimately it may not be enough but we don't want to frighten the GP! (I say that as most are loathe to increase). Also ask for tests for Vit D, B12, iron/ferritin and folate. If these are low they hamper absorbing the Levo. Post your results and ranges for these as they need to be optimum-higher than the lab accepted values. Good luck!

  • Thanks, I think they are low too and I intend on going back to my original GP who put me on the Levo (she off now on leave) I have posted my results above for B12, Ferritin, and Folate...

  • people have put so far that they think my B12 and ferritn and folate are also low!. my symptoms are all coming back, so I do think I need an increase.. x

  • Hi B12 is too low in range, varies but usually around 800. Feritin probably OK but ranges and tests vary.Ask the receptionist for ranges.All common tests so they will know them.

    I think your thyroid is much too low. usual to start low, strong meds, and then increase after each blood test, about 6 weeks, until the right result and feel better. Early on you may also need to have T3 added, so taking a low dose of T3 and reasonable dose of T4.Frequent tests to start with vita. You also need a Diabetes test, autoimmune and hormonal and. Also importantly vit D, ( hormonal) if low corrected calcium before treatment. retest 3 months of both.

    best wishes,


  • Oh she said they were also fine!! im def seeing my other GP in January!! I had diabetes done last time, all ok (I have a strong family history of it as well as the hypo!) had autoimmune, ok too. I had a hysterectomy 5 yrs ago so on hrt, but she suggested I get hormones checked in Jan. x

  • Hi Doctors do, why vital to have every blood test done, where ever done, with the ranges. Endo`s like the B12 much higher.Hormones for menopause a good idea , tey start goung down very young, s I am sutre you know, especially after a hysterectomy. All the other tests you need associated with thyroid, B12 + foliates, Diabetes, iron/ferritin and vit D, should be repeated annually, more often if on treatment, to start with.TSH, T4 and Free T3 needs doing frequently, 6 weeks usually and dose adjusted, or adding T3 too, until thyroid stable, then twice a year, at least.If family history of Diabetes, beware, as fist symptoms are identical ,more or less to thyroid but colder!


  • Hi-I'm struggling through the maze of thyroid difficulties too. You should be able to get the ranges from your Doctor/receptionist....then post them here as ranges can be different.I usually just phone to ask these things. Even without these it looks like your B12 is low-In Japan they like it to be at least 500 and some people recommend around 900. Your Ferritin also looks very low and for me, my iron levels rising has made a big difference. Most Doctors will tell You that if these bits etc are in range they are fine but it is not true. What we want are optimal levels. Hopefully someone else will comment on yr Thyroid results.

  • OK... I am well..

    B12 344... Mine is 730 and the range on my test is 191-663 YOU NEED MORE

    Folate 14.8 Mine is above 20 and the range is 4.6 - 18.7 YOU NEED A BIT MORE

    Feritin 25 Ug/l MIne is 125.5 and the range on my test is 13-150 so yours is IN YOUR BOOTS you need LOTS

  • and the RANGES are for healthy people in 1953 so they're rubbish.. you need the absolute TOP or above to feel good

  • mm, ok, thanks. I am veggie... may be a reason for the low B12, and on HRT.

  • You will feel terrible with those low bloods, poppet.. what's your vitamin D? I think you need a trip to Holland and Barrett to buy yourself a Christmas vitamin super-hamper..

  • i don't know what my Vit D is? I only added the B12 and ferritin and folate of my own back after reading your boards here about it, onto my blood form!!

  • It's pretty hard to overdose vitamin D... You want Vitamin D3 about 5000I.U per day in the winter and 1000IU per day in the summer.. you are looking for a blood level around 150 -200..

    Can you do EGGS? Ms Veggie? If you can.. do 2 a day for a couple of weeks that will certainly help with your blood levels..

  • thanks x

  • Your Free T4 is still NOT in the upper quadrant of the range which is where it needs to be

    Your ferritin is way way too low

    it should be 70 for you to make proper use of thyroxine and get better

    So you need to take iron twice a day together with 500mg of VitC in order to absorb it and take the thyroxine at least 1 hour away from the iron

    Ferritin takes a while to shift up so do not expect miracles

  • Really, omg, she said all was fine!! typical.... I cant take iron at all though - tried before when I had aneamia when I was pregnant even the soluble stuff gave me bad stomachs and headaches... :-(

  • I do take a multi vit for veggies...

  • Then you need to eat loads of spinach and only use cast iron cookware because until that ferritin gets over 70 and your b12 improves your thyroxine wont work

  • OHHHH... not keen on greens even though im veggie. but can give it a try.. why cast iron cookware? the 25mcg ive started have really helped already. x

  • joannec123 If your a veggie you need to take things a lot more seriously about exactly what you eat in greens etc a multi vitamin pill is not a replacement and cast iron cookware adds iron to the food

  • ok, I didn't know that about the cookware!! Im not very good with taking vitamins sometimes give me headaches for any vit b gives me pins n needles... but I see you can get liquid B!2..

  • Try and eat broccoli Along with cup of fresh juice at time your eating it its best way to get iron into body. My sister has crohns and suffered with low iron levels she has bloodwork done every 5 weeks and always manages to increase iron level by eating broccoli x

  • Isn't broccoli a 'goitrogenic' food though. That is it inhibits thyroid function:


  • It's fine if it is cooked :) Definitely avoid raw brassicas. No coleslaw!

  • That's good to know. Thanks :)

  • Hi joannec123. Sorry to hear you're poorly. I had very good results with Spatone which is iron-rich water in sachets. You can take two at a time (maybe 3? I'd have to check) if your iron is on the floor.

    Someone will be along in a minute to say Spatone doesn't work! Apparently it doesn't work for everyone, but like you I felt really sick on iron supplements so it was a great find for me. When the choices are either feeling so sick I can't take the pills or taking something that may be a bit slower to work but I can keep it down, I chose the latter. Good luck.

  • Thanks, spatone unfortunately does the same, makes me feel sick etc :-(

  • Oh no, poor you! It was the only thing I could manage, but I know some people find it objectionable. I didn't like it to start with but now I'm used to it (never made me sick though).

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