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New Thyroid & Vitamin blood test results help

Finally received my results from my blood tests i had on the 21st June. no ranges have been given so i have given the ranges from previous tests.

My thyroid is still classed as Subclinical hyperthyroidism and i have to continue without meds until at least my next endo visit at the end of October.

TSH <0.01(0.35-5.50)

Free T4 - 19.2 (10.0-20.0)

Free T3 - 5.1 (3.5-6.5)

Vitamin D - 12.3 (?)

Calcium (Corrected) - 2.31 (2.20-2.60)

Folate - 2.90 (4.60-18.70)

B12 - 302 (>182)

I've not started taking my supplements yet and don't know which is best to start first. I also have an Iron deficiency but that wasn't tested at the hospital.

Any advice??

Thanks, Nikki

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Vitamin D 12.3 is deficient. I was prescribed 40,000iu daily x 14 days followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks to raise my vitD from <10 to 107.00.

Folate is deficient. My GP prescribed 5mg folic acid when my folate was deficient and not quite as low as yours. You can buy 400mcg folic acid or methylfolate without prescription.

B12 302 is low. 1,000 is optimal. Supplement 5,000mcg methylcobalamin for 6-8 weeks then reduce to 1,000mcg daily. Take a B Complex vitamin too.

You should take folic acid or methylfolate at the same time as methylcobalamin because folate and B12 are synergistic and work in tandem.

Calcium is within range.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


You can start all your supplements at once.

The only thing to be mindful of is that because iron interacts with a lot of things and can cause you to evacuate your bowels quickly, take it 2 hours away from all food, tea and coffee and other supplements apart from vitamin C.

With vitamin D you need to take it with a fatty meal. Some people claim taking vitamin D at dinner time keeps them awake at night so take it at lunchtime. To make it easier to remember take the folate and B12, you can take them around lunch time as well.



It's better to introduce supplements one at a time each week or fortnight. If one starts them all together and has adverse symptoms one would have to stop them all and reintroduce one at a time to narrow down which was causing the adverse effects.


Absolutely agree with Clutter, introduce one at a time.

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I thought iron made you constipated, and that's why you take it with vit C...


It can do either or both it really depends on the person. Vitamin C just helps you absorb more iron.

This isn't the best link for it but due to the number of people with iron deficiency anaemia the side effects of iron supplements are well known -


Ah, ok. Just never heard of anyone having loose bowels on iron tablets! But it's always said on here that the vit c is to help with possible constipation, as well as absorption - because vit C does help very well with constipation! lol


I've personally experienced loose bowels with and without the vitamin C. I've also been constipated taking iron with vitamin C.

I know some practitioners don't like people taking the equivalent of more than one ferrous fumerate a day to help avoid all this when they are increasing ferritin levels, even though the NHS protocol for low ferritin levels is 2 daily and for iron deficiency anaemia is 3 or more daily.

Also according to the sources I've heard via this forum you need to take very high doses of vitamin C to help with the constipation. 1,000mg isn't exactly high even though it's higher than what most people need.




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