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Blood test results: and antibodies present

Here there, helpful people of this board.

So, now have my most recent lot of tests back ..with the presence of antibodies detected

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level 63.7 ku/L (ref 0.0-34.0)

So, does this mean I have Hashimotos? and what is the treatment ?

Most weird is that TSH is now 1.89 and was previously 2.36 (april) and 3.0 (march)

T4 has remained at 14 since april

B12 has increased to 644 (from 415) and Ferritin from 26 to 39, although obviously still not optimal

Cortisol was 279 (ref range 140-700 in unstressed patient)

Vit D was 69 nmol/L (50.0-120.0)

Any advice or comments? thank you so much


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And weirder, my folate level has risen ABOVE normal to 19.2, above the cut off point of 15...!!!! what does this mean? as am still borderline low B12


Abby, There is little likelihood of neuropahy when B12is >500 and your result is not considered low/borderline. Have you supplemented B12 and folate?

TPOab means you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and this may have caused TSH to fluctuate but it also fluctuates according to seasons. Treatment is Levothyroxine hormone replacement when TSH is over range (subclinical hypothyroidism) but <10 (overt hypothyroidism).





not sure what you mean Clutter when B12 is 500 (is that the low part of ref range?)... I have been supplementing both B12 and folate.. and have increased both (as per m post).. was just wanting clarification that my tPO ab results is definitely Hashimotos?

thank you!


Abby, you don't say what your B12 ref range is. Most I've seen the range is 180-900 which would put 644 in the upper range. You should stop supplementing folate as you are over the range.


my B12 range is 130-1100, sorry should have said and yes have stopped the folate!


Abby, it's up to you whether or not to continue supplementing B12. Excess is excreted so you won't overdose. My B12 was 700 in Jan but I continue supplementing 1,000mcg daily. Not sure if I still need it but I do anyway.


tbh, haven't felt at all better since levels have risen! I have felt tired and exhausted ... maybe they need to rise more?

I've had minimal rise in Ferritin, 26-39.. maybe that's the one that will help me feel better anyway..

Thanks clutter!

at least I know I have the antibodies and can start to move toward treatment


Abby, 500mg-1,000mg vitC taken with iron improves absorption. Gluten-free diet helps some Hashimoto's patients with bloating and constipation and can reduce antibodies.

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