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Blood results help plz. Going insane with doctors!!!!!

Blood tests from July .serum ana negative. Se anti ccp antibody level o.oo u/ml (0.00-7.00)u/ml. Serum irate level 220 umol/l (140.00-360.00)umol/l. Rheumatoid factor lgm level <20 (<30.00iu/ml).FBC .Heamoglogin estimation 146gl (115-148.00) total white cell count 8.7 10*9/l (4.50-13.0010*9/l) platelet count 255 10*9l (140-400.0010*9/l) rbc 4.23 10*12/l (3.83-4.9810*12/l ) MCV 101.0 (84.00-99.00fl) Heamatocrit 0.427 (0.36-0.46) MCH 34.5pg (27.50-32.50pg) MCHC 342g/l (309.00-348.00gl) neutrophil count 5.87 10*9/l (2.00-7.5010*9/l) lymphocyte count 2.10 10*9/l (0.80-4.0010*9/l) monocytes count 0.60 10*9/l (0.20-0.8010*9/l) Eosinophil count 0.20 10*9/l (0.04-0.4010*9/l) basophils count 0.10 10*9/l (0.00-0.2010*9/l) ESR 23mn/h (6.00-13.00mm/h) CRP 10mg/l(<8.00/l) LFT serum total protein 68g/l (60.00-80.00g/l) Serum globulin 34g/l (20.00-34.00g/l) Serum ALT 24 u/l (<30.00u/l) Serum bilirubin level 5 umol/l (<21.00 umol/l) serum calcium 2.35 mol/ l.Serum albiumin 34g/l (35.00-50.00g/l) corrected serum calcium level 2.43mmol/l (2.20-2.60 mmol/l) serum alkaline phosphatase 90 u/l (30.00-130.00 u/l) Serum inorganic phosphate 0.88 mmol/l (0.80-150.mmol/l) Serum sodium 140.00 mmol/l(133.00-146.00mmol/l) Serum potassium4.4mmol/l(3.50-5.30mmol/l) serum creatinine 61umol/l(50.00-98.00umol/l) GFR<90 ml/min (60.00-200.00ml/min )my last tsh was 0.11(0.35-4.94) and my free t4 was 14.3 (9-19.1). Symptoms getting worse please help,with out this site I don't think I would be here now it gives me a little hope that things will get better,thank you so much in advance,xx

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Could you edit your post so that it is in a list format, please. Having just a solid wall of text like that is very difficult to read.


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