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I saw NDT-friendly Endo in Sussex area


The other day I saw an endo at Horsham hospital who approves of NDT. I was totally shocked! I started NDT after seeind Dr Peatfield privately, but at the same time I told my GP that I wanted to try other treatments than T4, and as my GP didn't have any experience with T3 and never even heard of NDT, he referred me to the endo. I waited 2 months to see him, and now I have another appointment with him in October and he gave me a set of blood tests to do before I see him. I don't know if I can post his name, so please PM if you need more details. I know he sees patients at Easy Surrey, Oxted, Crawley and Horsham hospitals on NHS, plus Spire Gatwick Hospital privately (you can get an appointment with 3 weeks, but it's about £200-300).

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Such good news to are seemingly in control of things and doing a good job solving your own thyroid issues.What an enlightened Endo you have!!

I have also started going down the NDT route and am going to stick with it until I see my Endo on the 28th.......just had to explore whether this will be better for me than T4 Levo.I have a feeling that my Endo will be receptive to what I am doing too.If I feel good how can it be wrong?My GP was much the same as yours regarding T3 though have to say he went along with prescribing it.

Can I ask where you source your NDT from as it is something I will have to consider If I stay on it.?The Armour Thyroid I'm trialling at the moment came from Abroad.

I would like to be able to get a prescription that I can send to the Spring field Pharmacy here in UK....guess that will have to be a private one.

Anyway,I wish you well for the future ...enjoy life.


I must say my endo surprised me very much with his NDT approach.

He said I have to take it for about 3 months to feel the full benefit of NDT, and I'm still on my way there. Hope your endo will be open-minded to it as well! I source my NDT from an online pharmacy, without a prescription. I take Nature-Throid. I will PM you the link.

Hope you feel better on NDT, good luck!


I have a good feeling that my Endo will be OK with it but won't prescribe.I'm seeing him via NHS.however,if I can get a private prescription I could go to a pharmacy in Essex.

I have sent you a PM about my present source. Thanks for your good wishes.x


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