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Help! Going around in circles for NDT

I wonder if anyone in the south-east of England (Kent) have managed to either get a prescription from their GP or endocrinologist for NDT? It has been nearly a year since I first went to my GP wanting to be referred to an endocrinologist to go onto NDT! I managed to get a trial of Armour but then my GP and 5 other doctor surgeries in my area would not continue with the prescription. My current Endo can not do private prescriptions (supposedly?!) and my GP won't give me a private perscription and is stuck as to what to do with me next! My Endo has written to my GP saying he is happy for me to take Nature Throid and asked my GP to prescribe it but to no avail!

So I'm asking this forum for help & guidance in getting NDT on prescription please! Thank you :)

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fionamccrossan, NDT isn't licensed for UK use and although GPs can prescribe it on a named patient basis they aren't obliged to do so, and can't be forced. Most members using NDT have a private prescription or buy online without prescription and self medicate.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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Look on thyroid UK here, it says all about ndt on named patient basis from your gp. Your gp should also be following orders from your endo.

I faxed my Edo every single day for a month to get ndt after I told him I was having it at an appointment with him after 7 rubbish years of tsh and T4 only number watching on levo. That's about 7 years ago now. He didn't know even how to start me, what dose etc. How to dose , nothing. So that's why he was putting me off as he knew nout, then after actually reluctantly agreeing at appointment I'd push and pester, I'd fax him 30 mg x 500 pills of Erfa in those days and he finally did it. Now my gp does it as the endo did it. I get it on NHS.

Don't give up.


Thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated and I will continue to hound my GP! I want to be sensible and get it from a pharmacy and not online so to speak but they're not making it easy?!?

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Order thyroid-s online instead

I believe some area CCGs have banned GPs from prescribing NDT

Although i know the Endo in Kent is one of the best in the country


Hi, thanks for your reply. Which Endo in Kent are you referring to?



I get naturethroid on private prescription from my GP. To get it I got a private prescription from a private endo, had this ratified by the NHS endo (who told me pig thyroid is dirty and no good but acquiesced because my private prof of endo trumps her Dr of endo) and all has gone well. However only my GP (out of 4 in the practice) will prescribe it; if he's not in I can't get a prescription. So it seems to be a matter of the GP personal preference as to whether they will prescribe ndt privately. I'd suggest seeing all the docs in your practice and asking them if they will prescribe based on your endo letter; if not change GPS but ask if any of them are known to prescribe private ndt prescriptions.

BTW - my GP was freaked the first time he prescribed as ndt is not on the surgery computer so he had to hand write a prescription for the first time.....

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Thanks for your reply I'll keep chasing my GP!! My Endo even put what dosage for them to prescribe so she doesn't have that excuse lol


A couple of years ago, rod. (Helvella) on here managed to work out how to interrogate the nhs system to out a spreadsheet together..... i have tried several tines but failed. the spreadsheet showed which practises had issued prescriptions for ndt and or t3,

Here is the link for it, maybe if we ask him nicely he will be able to produce another up to date list...... healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

G x


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