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Help on doctors in Sussex and T3 from Mexico/Germany


Could someone recommend a private T3/NDT friendly doctor in Sussex area that is able to give prescriptions? I don’t want to see Dr Peatfield as he can’t give prescriptions, and the list of doctors I got from Thyroid UK includes only doctors in West Sussex who can’t prescribe medication. Does anyone had an appointment with Dr Jean Haining in Hove? Or Dr Ken Laji in Chichester?

Also, I’ve read on the blog that some people get T3 tablets form Mexico or Germany without prescriptions, but how do you go about doing that? I know you can’t post links here, but how can I find out where to get them from?

I have Hashimoto and I’m on 125mg Levo a day. I have low adrenals, vit D and iron deficiencies, but I’m addressing them at the moment. I’d like to try adding T3 or trying NDT to see if quality of my life would improve as at the moment it’s not great. My GP knows nothing about NDT (he never heard of it before I mentioned it to him!) and he doesn’t know how to medicate with T3, so he referred me to an endo, but privately! I requested a referral to a NHS endo, but I haven’t heard back. If I have to self-medicate myself to get back to normal life, I will, but having so many obstacles to overcome to get the right medication is quite disheartening.

Thank you for your support!

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I felt so Ill at one point that I decided I didn't care what it took, even if it meant a shorter life. I wanted quality of life and so I did go to see Dr P after much research, took his very knowledgable advice and proceeded with his protocol. This included the Mexico reference you talk about. I never regret that decision. The only reason he doesn't prescribe is because he removed himself from the GMC so he wouldn't have to prove himself like poor Dr Skinner had to. He definitely knows his stuff, I have never looked back and I'm still here! Please reconsider.


Dr P too helped me to learn about my health and how to monitor my condition. Without realising it you are taking control and moving on ....


Dr P heped me :) I am slowly getting my life back .

Please reconsider, my GP looked at his report which I copied for him and prescribed me Armour NDT.

I am only on 2 1/2 grains increasing every two weeks yet I still feel so much better , it is a slow process but the current results give me hope.

I am in control of my health and fortunately my GP helps me with all new tests etc making sure Dr P gets a copy. x


Thank you for your support and encouragement to see Dr P. I think I'm going to see him now and see if my GP can be open minded in terms of T3 and NDT after reading Dr P's report.

Thanks again!


I agree with everyone else, Dr Peatfield is great, I would suggest being careful when mentioning Dr P to your GP - i did that and If I could turn back time and not mention it then that is what I would do, and moving to a different surgery never helped either as it was all on my notes and once the new GP sayw that he became very unhelpful and grumpy. Not saying that is the case with all GP's and Endro's but they do seem to see it as a massive kick in the teeth.

Good luck


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