Saw Endo today

I saw an Endo today and like the last time was expecting to get no where. I went with all paperwork and as much info as I could get expecting yet another battle to get NDT. Well blow me down he agreed I should be on NDT and was going to write to my GP to see if he would prescribe it for me on NHS possibly named patient basis. But I had to have a blood test while there and he did say it all depended on the results, my meds may need to increased or lowered. What a result, fingers crossed.

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  • Dont get too excited. I had the same and the GP flatly refused

  • I know this is possible, but I saw my GP first before I went to endo and he more or less implied he would go with what endo said. Hope he doesnt change his mind.

  • I hope there was a sufficient gap between you taking levo and getting your bloods done. I hope too that things go well for you.

  • I haven't taken Levo for years. It made me so ill, could not convert. Had Armour which I liked, but has become so expensive, then tried T3, that did not help, tried Thyroid s no good. So on Naturethroid, doing ok so far still early days. Had taken it this morning, did not know I was having blood test again.

  • I like Naturethroid too. If doctor has query about your blood test ask for it to be redone as you had taken meds just before. (Most don't know it can skew a blood test). He may want to reduce your hormones but if you feel good, don't until you next have a blood test. If you feel good I wouldn't reduce anyway. They shouldn't dose you on the result of a TSH.

  • Thanx Shaws 4 that advice, I really appreciate it. Keeping everything crossed. X

  • Oo wow - what part of the uk are you in? Had you had a bad experience on Levo?

  • Hi Churchir, I live in Newmarket, which is between Cambridge & Bury St Edmunds. I was on Levo for years & suffered with aching joints so much so GP sent me for physio & had to have injections in my shoulder. Brain fog, weight gain of 3 stone. As soon as I came of Levo onto NDT all the issues just disappeared. I could not convert the T4 in Levo to T3. I will never use Levo again, my life was unbearable on it. Thanx for your post. Regards Vanessa.

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