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Blood tests

I finally got my gp to do further blood tests can anyone advise me on the results

serum vitamin b12 210ng (211-911)

serum folate 10.1 ng/ml (3.4-15.8)

serum free t4 12.8 pmol/L (10-18.7)

serum tsh level 3.53miu/L (0.38-5.5)

serum ferritin 43 ng/mL (22.0-322.0)

anti nuclear factor (xaC2s) positive

HEp-2 nuclear pattern -nucleolar ANA present

my gp says they are all good?? I also asked for t3 but the labs haven't done them and the thyroid anti bodies haven't come back yet

Is anyone able to tell me what my results mean or is my gp right and there's nothing wrong with me

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B12 is BELOW bottom of the range so its NOT GOOD

Ferritin MUST be over 70

TSH should be 1 or less

Free T4 should be in UPPER QUADRANT of its range not near the bottom

In short classic results of a Hypothyroid patient who i suspect has thyroid antibodies


Thank you reallyfedup123 for your update so in conclusion you think my results indicate that I am hypothyroid?? My gp says not so what do I do?? All my symptoms would lean toward this but how do I convince her


Get that B12 issue sorted!

Have look at these resources:

Charity supporting people with B12 Deficiency.

Charity that exists to provide Information, Help and Support to sufferers of Pernicious Anaemia and B12 Deficiency, their families and friends.

An information hub site which brings together all the key sites for B12 deficiency.

Low B12 can cause irreversible nerve damage if left untreated. At that level, I suggest that you should be given loading doses of B12 by injection followed by an appropriate long-term planned regime - with a due degree of urgency.

You also need to be treated for what looks to be definite hypothyroidism.

Have you got a GP? Or someone masquerading as one?



Thanks rod gp????? Someone who won't listen to me and refuses to do anything what do I do now desperate for someone to listen and do something


Tracy, try to see a more clued up GP at your practice and don't be fobbed off with 1 B12 injection every 3 months. You need alternate day injections until there is no further improvement in your symptoms. Take printouts to put in front of your GP if necessary.

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Please read the sites given to you by Rod. The B12 deficiency website will also advise you as to further testing that is required to establish Pernicious Anaemia PA. Hypo and B12 deficiency often have similar symptoms - so improving your B12 levels should make things better for you.

A good book is - Pernicious Anaemia The Forgotten illness and B12 Deficiency - by Martyn Hooper. I think you can download it.


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