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Finally got gp to agree to blood tests

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Hi. Thanks for all the advice you guys have given me. I've finally got my gp to agree to run most of the bloods you suggested. I got my printout today.

Serum TSH level = 0.32 mU/L

Serum ferritin = 13 ug/L Low

Serum vitamin B12. Request denied previously requested less than 28 days (I have never had it tested before)

I don't know what happened to the request for ft3 and ft4, folate and antibodies etc. They were all on form and haven't been done. I'm a little peed off as I'm a student and can't afford tests privately. How do I get the labs to agree to the other tests?

10 Replies


You could try ringing the lab to tell them B12 and folate have never been tested and they've confused you with another patient. They may still have the sample and be able to test it. Otherwise you need to get your GP to order another blood test for you stating clearly that your B12 and folate have never been tested.

Your ferritin is dire and your GP should prescribe iron. Take each dose of iron with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Labs often refuse to test FT4 and FT3 unless TSH is suppressed. Your GP needs to be firm and insistent with the lab in order to get these tested.

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I've just told hubby. He's panicking and wants to take me straight to hospital!! I've insisted onalong emergency appointment in the morning for my gp though. Not sure if I'll get to see my usual one as there's 4 there. Went shopping today and almost collapsed. I'm feeling more and more exhausted everyday. Even my daughter has started to notice a big change in me. I feel like I'm not too bright anymore either. I can't talk tidy, forget things and keep stumbling. It's getting me down now. Hopefully after another appointment they may listen to me! Thank you for your replies


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The A&E probably wont see you and tell you to go back to GP. Someone at the surgery should see you tomorrow and definitely should prescribe for you. Clutter has given good advice. It's awful when you feel so unwell and no-one can give you a reason, probably its iron and B12. Did your GP ask for Vitamin D too as we are usually deficient in all of these.


It is your doctor, not the lab. Try an other Dr. at your surgery, if you are well inform why you want them, they should request them.


ask your GP again - you haven't been cured so you should ask them to take another look at you and find out what the problem. Getting someone well is like fine-tuning an instrument, you twiddle with something and see how it sounds then twiddle again. Tests are like this, get one, see how the cure for that goes, get another or a different test. If the GP says he can't twiddle anything else ask to be referred to a specialist/consultant who can. But you can start by taking supplements for the other stuff. It's hard to be strong at this stage, most people wander off and be miserable, but you have to insist you get your rights.


It IS the Lab I'm afraid. It does not matter what your GP puts on the form, SOME labs will not do some tests, Vit D3 for example unless they are really to save money, that's all it is, it's disgusting but it is true. I must say that B12 does not usually come into the "lets argue about it" category". Your GP must speak to the Head Bio Scientist at the lab, he/she is the head honcho. That should do it. If your GP is reluctant to speak to them, put your request to your GP in writing. GP's are not all aware that this goes on. If you feel brave ring up the lab yourself, ask for the Head Bio Scientist and don't be put off by "what do you want to discuss, I might be able to help you". Good idea to get their name first from switchboard, then you've a better chance at getting them. See what that person has to say about your missing tests. Quite often it is "oh the sample was lost", "the sample wasn't viable" and laughably "there wasn't enough blood"!! Eventually you may get the truth. I did it and I eventually got the truth from the horses mouth and then I got back to my GP, told him and he rang and orally requested it because he "had concerns, that's what he needs to emphasise". Suddenly blood tests done. Result! I am a nurse, I know what they're doing and how it works. Good luck.


Sooooo, I've seen my gp. She said that whoever I spoke to lied about the ferritin, it should be under 50 and as I'm a 'menstruating' young lady (actually doesn't happen more than every 10 weeks) it is expected to ve where it is. She also checked reports and my gastro had checked b12 and it was in the low 200s and my folate was 2.16 or something like that. She's ringing lab about the others after I had a good cry at her. Her first words were well what do you want me to do on a Tuesday afternoon! But when I cried I think she realised how poorly I was. But she still says they may do all the tests in the world and there may well be no answer. I'm sooo frustrated it's gonna drive me crazy


Your GP is possibly mistaken. The is recent research that shows that non-anaemic women with ferritin below 50 benefit from iron supplements.

If your folate and B12 are so low no wonder you feel poorly! You will most likely benefit from b12 and folate supplements along with iron and a b vitamin complex. If I were in your situation that is probably what I would take (and is what I am currently taking).

Your GP is not filling me with confidence! It's good that she is finally realising how poorly you are though.

I would recommend reading up on b12 and folate and see if some of your symptoms could be due to those deficiencies. Folate should be above 12 with B12 above 500 as far as I remember.

II hope you find what makes you well soon!

Carolyn x


I gathered she was wrong. I don't know how to get her to listen. When I told her what you guys had told me she said it felt vicious so she thinks I was attacking her. I'm seeing my gastro on 3rd July I'll have to chat with him. I'm at a loss now as I can't afford to go private.


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