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Finally got blood result print out!!

After a few choice words with yet another GP. I've finally got a print out of my results!!

T4 level 3pmol/L (5.6 - 21.0)

TSH level 89 U/ml (0.35 - 6.9)


Serum ferritin 28ug/l (30 - 300)

GFR 57ml/min (59 - 9999)

Serum sodium 134mmol/L (135 - 145)

Serum urea level 2.2mmol/L (2.5 - 6.6)

B12 174ng/L (180 - 915)

Packed cell volume 0.346 (0.37- 0.47)

All showing up as below range.

AST serum level 38 u/L (7.0 - 35)

Serum C-reactive protein level 36mg/L (0.0 - 6.0)

Showing above range.

Now on 100mg of Levothroxine. Pushed for further testing on ferritin, Vit D, B12 & Folate. Had that done a few weeks ago and came back abnormal. Next available doctors appointment on 4th December!!

I am struggling big time with the tiredness again, I can barley stay awake at points during the day :-(

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Even on those results you are severely hypothyroid and probably well into myxodeama

your GP s should be totally ashamed

your ferritin and all other vitamin levels are on the floor

so you need T3 and definitely not levothyroxine

you will also need iron plus at least 1000mg of vit c taken 4 hours away from t3

you also need to take a really good multivitamin last thing at night

take this reply to the gp and if you have the strength theres reams of research papers on tpauk.com to print off and bung under their noses


Thanks. I will look the research papers up & read!

I've no idea what myxodeama is or really what T3 is!!

I have seen 3 different GP's since May, and get different reactions from each one!!

I did start to feel better, and the head fuzziness has gone. But the tiredness has come back with a vengeance!!

I'm a single mum of a 5 & 6 year old and work full time. I keep going as I have no choice, and feel if I stop that I will never get out of bed again!!

I'm hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel!!!


Debbie, myxoedema is the medical term for severe hypothyroidism. Before thyroid hormone replacement was available people would swell up with mucin and water under the skin (oedema) and often went mad so it was often called myxoedema madness.

Thyroid gland produces thyroxine (T4) which is a prohormone/storage hormone which converts to T3, the active hormone which is needed in every cell of the body. When T3 is low you experience hypothyroid symptoms.

Pituitary gland senses circulating T3 levels and when they are low produces TSH to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more T4 for conversion to T3. When sufficient T3 is sensed the pituitary shuts off TSH. So, high TSH usually means FT4 and FT3 are low.


There is light at the end of the tunnel when you are optimally replaced with Levothyroxine and your iron and B12 and any other vitamin deficiencies are corrected.

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Thank you for your help :-) I'll get there, very slowly, but I will. Think I need to start researching!!


As you have symptoms returning. Go to your GP and get an up-to-date thyroid hormone blood test. Just say you aren't feeling well again. Don't take your medication on the morning of your test (this is very important as it will skew the results) take it after. Also have the test as early as possible.

I think you now need another increase in medication and the GP shouldn't say you are 'o.k. or 'normal' when the TSH comes 'within range' We usually need our TSH to be 1 or under and some of us a suppressed TSH.

Get a copy of results with the ranges and post on a new question. Too low a dose for our needs causes symptoms/problems. We need to get to a dose which eradicates them all.


Debbie, aren't those the results from May when you were diagnosed? Haven't you had thyroid blood tests more recently?

Can you also post your recent ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate results. Your previous results indicated ferritin/iron deficiency and B12 deficiency.


Yes, they are. That's the only ones they would print me off! I've had more recent ferritin, B12 & folate ( as you advised) these have come back abnormal, but the receptionist wouldn't read the results out over the phone, so have the next available doctors appointment on the 4th to discuss the results.

I had another thyroid check in August and from memory TSH had gone down to about 56. No arrangements for it to be tested again.

My doctors don't do Vit D testing.


Debbie, contact the practice manager to request your most recent thyroid, ferritin, B12 and folate results. It shouldn't be necessary to have an appointment with the doctor to get them. Keep the doctor's appointment though because you should have thyroid blood tests every 6/8 weeks until your TSH and FT4 are stable and in normal range. TSH will ideally be just above or below 1.0.

You can order a private vitD test from City Assays for £28 via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...


Thanks. I'll order a kit & get onto the surgery :-)


Were you put straight onto 100mcg Levothyroxine?


No. Has been increased to 100mg. Started at 25 when first diagnosed, repeat prescription was 50 and in August increased to 100


That's good - a gradual increase.


I do feel better from taking levothyroxin. Head fuzziness gone, leg swelling gone and feeling I can actually think straight again. But the tiredness has come back twice as bad.

Hopefully with iron and/ or B12 that can be sorted too :-)


Given your high TSH and low T4 along with really low ferritin you should still be given T3. Not levothyroxine because you cant convert the T4 in levothyroxine into T3 when your ferritin is below 70

theres plenty of research to prove this

for anyone to have had a TSH of 86 is a total disgrace to the entire medical profession

i am surprised you have not totally collapsed because i know how severely ill my husband , daughter and grandaughters were and their TSH was only 3.9 at most


Thanks. I've been close, just felt so unwell. I did the 26 mile moonwalk the week before I was diagnosed. I'm surprised I didn't die!!!

The doctor wanted to refer me to a dietician to look at my relationship with food as I had put on so much weight. They actually referred me to a gynecologist as she thought it might be peri menopause, it was him that looked at my bloods & told me I had under active thyroid!


just to say - well done and good luck with your doc. My TSH is only 4.5 and my antibodies are high and Ihave felt like a dead woman walking. I have one child and work so for you to work full time with two kids deserves a round of applause. I really felt lost and despondent before I found this site and I finally got answers. Dont give up- read as much as you can. And if you can get some time off to recover that may be worth asking for. thats just personal advice Im not medically trained(disclaimer lol). good luck x


OK but, depending on your local healthcare trust, t3 can only be prescribed by the consultant, not the GP, so The OP would have to get a referral first. somebody last night posted a useful link on some article published a while back in the daily telegraph. I'm not explaining myself well, but T3 is on the "red" list because of the cost, hence consultant only prescribing.


Thanks. I'll find that article. Still waiting for referral. 2 GP's 'forgot' , so 3rd time lucky!!


Here is an example greater Manchester area. I googled red Amber green prescribing list, guess if you add the name of your local ccg, it may lead you right to it.



Hi Debbie

I have to say, I read your results and my mouth dropped open!! I cannot believe the way you have been treated. You are severely hypothyroid and your iron and B12 are on the floor. Are you on iron tablets? If not you should be. Have they prescribed you B12 tablets or even injections? If it were me, I'd be demanding injections to get my B12 off the floor. Low B12 and/or folic acid can be a sign of pernicious anemia, has the doctor spoken to you about this and done any further blood tests? Cheeky blighters referring to your weight in the manner they did, look at your bloody results stupid doctor, that's why there is weight gain, derr!!!

You have my complete sympathy, when I was diagnosed my TSH was 68 and I felt utterly dreadful. My doctor put me straight onto 50mcg Levo, I had a blood test 6 weeks later, Levo was upped to 75, another test 6 weeks later, Levo upped to 100 and so on until bloods were in range. Still symptomatic I was referred to an endo. How on earth are you managing to raise two children and hold down a full time job??

You should not be left in the state you are and your appt on 4th December is not soon enough, with your results they should have seen you the next day. Sending you big hugs xxx

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Any GP only has to contact the endo to get permision to prescribe T3

if either claim that ferritin or folate levels are irrelevant with t4 to t3 conversion they should be reported to GMC for negligence

theres plenty of verifiable research

for it to take the OPs gynaecologist to diagnose hypothyroid is proof enough of her GPs negligence


Did the doctor address the high CRP, AST and low GFR, Sodium and Urea?


No!! Nothing on the original results was addressed. After advise from here I went back a few weeks ago for re test of B12, ferritin & folate. Still awaiting results


Unless there's something already diagnosed that explains the results I would ask to see a different GP and take a letter with me asking what they intend to do about all blood results that are out of range.

High CRP should be looked into, could be a lot of things including inflammation or connective tissue diseases. AST could indicate liver problems - i.e. maybe viral hepatitis which would cause unremitting fatigue. They should at least re-do all the above tests and if still abnormal they need looking into. I would also ask for B12 injections if your results are still so low - neurological damage can start to happen at that low level.

Don't be fobbed off - if they aren't doing anything take a letter in stating all your symptoms, listing the bloods which are clearly wrong and that you are unhappy with the lack of treatment and ask them to put a copy on your medical file. You could also get them to put a written explanation on your file as to why they don't think it necessary to address the problems.

Your thyroid is clearly out but the other things need sorting as well and in the case of the iron and vitamins they will be making the thyroid problem worse.


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