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Hi guys, as someone with several health issues and HATES taking pills, I now find myself stuffing all maner of vitamins & minerals etc in a vain effort to fell better.

I have Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Hypermobility Synsdrome, Degenerative discs, Arthritis, Severe IBS, to name a few. I also have vitamin B12 deficiency, and Vit D deficiency...So along with my Thyroid & Fibro meds I also take..Vit B12, Vitamin D3, A Multi Vitamin, Thyroid support, Biotin, Pregnelone, Magnesium oil rubbed in to aid RLS. Selium &Zinc, Milk Thistle, and the list goes on.....I realise that much of my Malaise is Thyroid related. Never feel well even though been on levothyroxine 20 years and more. Can't shift weight, my hair is only half as thick as once was. My Skin is course & dry no matter what I put on it !! I am sure I have adrenal fatigue. I have also got a whole load of Lipomas ( fatty lumps) that have sprung up all over both arms.......I am struggling so if anyone can help me please feel free. Thanks in advance

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Can quite understand your dilemma. Best to look at the ingredients of your supplements as there may be hidden gluten and nasties. I noticed you are a GF lady on your profile.

It would be helpful if you could obtain your latest blood test results with ranges so people can see if your treatment needs any additions or tweaks here and there. Also how much VitD are you taking - you need to dose according to your result. grassrootshealth.net

Will keep a look out for your post....


Are you on b12 injections for your deficiency? Do you know what your folate and ferritin levels are like?

Suppliments all GF as gluten a BIG no no for me. I have no idea what levels my blood tests are ? My doctor never says...he just says low B12 and low Vit D ....I did not want to go down the injection route for B12 so take Jarrow formula sub lingual...at moment I am using betteryou Vit D3 3000iu oral spray...I am worried about over dosing on Vits etc...hope any excess wee out? ...I am desperate to feel well. I don't think Thyroxine working as a T4 only med and from all I've read Hashimotos needsT3 ....as T4 not readily makes T3 in Hashimotos ...to be honest my doctor not much cop !!! Near impossible to get Armour natural thyroid prescribed here in UK.

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If you can get a print out of tests (& ranges) it would help folks comment.

Yes I know I never took any pills or vitamins before this malarky set in either! it can get tedious.

B12 and folate, D3 affects calcium, ferritin & iron - all are very important & low levels can cause pain too.

As Hampster says B12 is better injected if deficient as the whole problem is non absorption in gut. (and excess B vitamins are excreted in urine, just watch B6 I think)

It takes a LOT to overdose on Vit D and usually associated with lack of magnesium, but you're OK there, just get tested regularly (also test calcium) Too much iron isn't good either. I don't know about Pregnenolone. Good luck with your regime, sorry I'm not much help J

PS - how much Thyroxine, & B12 are you taking, and what med for Fibro - may I ask?

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I think it's imperative that you get copies of your results so that you know what you're dealing with. I also think you should have B12 injections, sublinguals are no substitute for proper treatment, there is no evidence at present (that I have seen anyway) that they are any better than normal oral B12. I have seen 2 studies which found them to be on a par with oral, not better or worse. And as we know if you have PA or B12d from malabsorption the oral route is useless, only 1% is thought to get through via passive diffusion. They will raise serum levels but won't necessarily get through to cellular level. There is always exceptions but since you don't feel well I would imagine this route is not working for you. More info here:


And there is no evidence of B12 toxicity any excess is excreted in urine, it is water soluble.

Re vit D you can get too much but unlikely with your dose if you are deficient at present. This is why you need your test results because you might need a much higher vit D dose to start off with.

H x


I'm not a gambling woman, but I might be tempted to bet that your hypoT is under treated. Get those blood results. You are entitled to have them.

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