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What should I do now?

I am four weeks post right hemithyroidectomy

My blood results are:

TSH 4.6 ( 0.30 - 5.0) pre surgery they were 1.4

Free thyroxine 12 ( 9.0 - 25.0)

Vitamin d <15

ferritin 2

cholesterol 5.3

Some days feel awful, carpal tunnel type symptoms which is getting worse to wrists, fatigued, brain fog on occasions and muscle aches

Am feeling symptoms are getting worse , will my GP re-test me in a matter of weeks if my symptoms worsened or will they say that I need to wait 6 weeks?

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Holy crow you surely need an iron infusion at those levels? And megadosing of vit D? And clearly Levo? Is any of it being addressed???


I will go back and see the GP but am uncertain what I should be saying, I don't imagine they will treat me until my TSH or Free thyroxine become worse, thats my fear

Not every day but many days I am feeling bogged down by the raft of symptoms, the tiredness as I write this is really bothersome, it seems to zap the life force out of you.

My GP before she took my bloods stated she thought I should not be at work but I have a manager who is just plain mean. Have been unwell for about a year and you just kind of forget what it is to feel like you

What do you think I should do?


I think at the moment that your thyroid is the least of your worries (although I can see it needs treatment). Your ferritin and vitamin D need treatment urgently! Don't let your GP put you on iron pills or fob you off, insist on an emergency referral to hospital at once!


why what would they do?


Give you an iron infusion, I would hope!


I would want to get tests for calcium and parathyroid hormone (PTH) since your vit D is so low and you've just had surgery and you want to make sure that your parathyroid's were not damaged in the process. And once you have had those tests done, if they are OK, then she needs to treat you for your vit D deficiency, it's not even borderline it's totally deficient.

I'm not that good about advising on iron but a ferritin of 2 is basically saying you have almost zero iron stores, and you should be treated by the doc with tablets or referred to a haematologist for a possible infusion.

Without vit D and iron your remaining thyroid has absolutely no chance whatsoever of working.

Get back into that GP and start banging some tables, I'm surprised you're even standing up, let alone going to work, you may need to get the doc to sign you off.

Please don't hang around waiting to feel worse, your doc has a duty of care here and your test results are very plain and clear, you need some help.

H x


I feel like crying with gratitude when you feel rubbishy and others look at you as though you are either mad or complaining, its great to have someone else confirm that how you feel is justified.

My adjusted calcium levels were 2.29


Calcium looks OK. Since you are so low in iron and vit D you should also ask for a Coeliac Screen and B12 and folate tests, please try and get an appointment tomorrow, or as humanbean says just go to the hospital. x


Thank you so much for all your advice, I shall ask to see the GP after the bank holiday,


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