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What should I do?

I am waiting to see the endocrinologist at the moment but Im in an awful state and that appointment isnt for 5 weeks. I have already upped my dose of Levo to 150mcgs so Im top end right now.

My symptoms are weight gain even though I only intake 900 cals and do crossfit. My skin is dry and sore. The worst part is my lower leg joints have flared badly and Im in constant pain. I am constipated too.

My bloods came back smack bang in the middle of the UK scale. All 'normal'. I knew they would be. I asked my GP to consider T3 treatment but apparently they cant decide that now.

Ive started takimg selenium and high dose zinc but thats early days.

Can anyone suggest how to manage this right now?

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It will help members to advise if you post your recent thyroid results and ranges and say what dose you were taking at the time? Post any results and ranges you have for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate too.



I was also in a a similar position, and had to wait 3 months for my endo to have a free first appointment. I researched and found they run private clinic's, and manage to get an initial appointment within 5 days. I then went back for a review with the same endo on NHS when my appointment came up, 3 months later, but understand the cost of doing this is not for everyone.

As Clutter suggest, post your results and ranges and we can advice on what we have done to help manage the symptoms.


I cannot remember them but I will get them and post again. Thanks


Your calorie level is low and may be contributing to your weight gain. I know that sounds strange but if your body feels it is not getting enough it hangs onto all it can.

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Yeah cant disagree with you there. I also have Crohns so I am currently on protein shakes only. Its very hard to drink enough volume.


I think I have heard protein shakes aren't good for you but can't remember why of the circumstances. May be someone else can help with that, may be do another post with your problem and how you are treating it and ask if anyone has any more suggestions. It's just a feeling lurking at the back of my mind but thought I should mention it.


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