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What Should I Do Now?

Hi.thanks so much for all your help.

Did lots of reading over weekend ready for appt this morning. Felt really hopeful when set off as it's only second visit to this GP. (Previous one been treating depression for about 3yrs) and he asked for lots bloods on first appt.

Has prescribed ferrous fumarate as already mentioned.

Asked about Low Folate and B12 levels and he said they are fine and within range. Tried tell him they on low side but insisted its fine and no doctor would entertain giving me B12.

Also said that you wouldn't expect a female of five foot nothing to have maximum B12levels (I'm actually 5ft4in but no use arguing).

Also said that in few years iron won't be an issue for me as my periods will stop.

Says it may take couple months for iron to make an improvement to my condition and that I need to address the mental health issues and seek counselling to help!!

Don't think he was at all happy that I've been on Internet to seek help and says all labs have their own ranges to work in so anything online can't compare.

Feel absolutely gutted.

We have medical insurance with BUPA but need a GP referral which doesn't look likely!

Don't know what to do now other than take my pills.

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He's clearly in the wrong job!

Have you actually asked for print outs of your blood tests? You're entitled to do this although there may be a charge.


Hi there,thanks for reply.

I have a copy of all my blood tests and checked them on internet which is how I came to this website,very informative it is too! Just wish GP had as much interest in the subject.

Just don't know what to do now.


Another idle GP, they really can't bear it that we're 'empowered' thanks to the internet.

Is there another one you can see? Or change surgery? Other alternative is to put it in writing that you feel dreadful and are not being listened to. That should have an effect!

Otherwise start supplementing with iron and B12 and take control yourself. There's always the alternative of seeing Dr S or Dr P.


You could have the private test done - the Active B12 - which is done at St Thomas's Hospital in London - also through Blue Horizon through Thyroid UK website ( if not BH then another one ! ) That tells you what is happening at a cellular level where B12 works. The normal serum B12 test only tells you what is in the blood and only 20% of that can be used in the cells - that is why your result needs to be at the TOP of the range to feel well.

Obviously your Doc has not read anything about T3 being used as a treatment for depression - so is your FT3 low ? Also has he not heard about Professor Smith and his research at Oxford University. He has proved that the brains shrank without B12 and in the areas affected by Alzheimers - check out the video on YouTube and send it to the surgery. He did a presentation at the Pernicious Anaemia Society conference. Your GP is simply not up to speed. Of course he gets paid for doling out AD's - it makes my blood boil.....

Keep taking all the things that are suggested on this forum and you will soon feel better....he obviously hasn't heard of mal-absorption either....good levels of iron required for healthy guts too. What do they learn at Medical School ?

Sorry to be a Grumpy Granny ! :-)


Thyroid UK has a list of private doctors who gave a special interest in thyroid disease and you don't need a referral in all cases. I should ask Louise warvill for the list and then interview some of them.


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