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Advice on supplements


Hi would anyone be able to advice me on supplements please. I went to see. Nutritionist last week which was so helpful. She has given me lots of Advice on food and protein etc. She has suggested I take PROBIOPLEX CAPSULES. I just need to know when is best to take then as she said one when I wake and one on an evening. I have read that’s supplements and vitamins should be taken far away from levo so should I just take one on an evening and skip the am one ? She also advised me to take protein shakes and super green powder. Has anyone else had these sorts of powders and if so do you feel better from taking them.

Thanks in advance


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No sorry just good organic fresh food.

You should post your full thyroid bloods test results plus vitamins and minerals include the range. Test always to be taken first thing on an empty stomach, leave of Levo for 24 hours prior to the test.

without these results how can anyone help you and they are good at that only the people on this site have made me well. Not GP's Not Endos, or Nutritionist.

Hi thanks for your reply. I did share my results a few weeks ago when I was asking a question regarding them. And as usual some great and useful advice was given. The supplements I have been advised to take are just to help my gut nothing else so was just asking when best was to take it. I have really struggled with weight loss since diagnosed and nothing I do seems to help, so went to see a nutritionist and found it so so helpful. She sent me so much info and advice and after just one week of following it I have lost 3lb first time in over a year. Sometimes I think it’s about eating the right foods and not the amount as I have eaten a lot more and lost weight. I know it’s not for everyone but I have found it so helpful. I just wasn’t sure when to take the probioplex, so thought I would ask on here as I get so much help and good advice from here

Thank you

I understand I probably gave the wrong answer, sorry.

The only time in my life I gained weight was after my thyroid was removed and

I was put on Levo for the first time. I knew there was something wrong when I

gain 10 lbs in a matter of a few months. After I started myself on NDT the weight went just as quickly. I have always had a very healthy diet most people of my age did, especially growing up after the war.

Your loss sounds good you are getting there, hurrah!

Thank you. Can I ask what NDT is please. I’m pretty new to all this. Most of what I know is through here.

Thank you

Yes It's Natural Dessicated Thyroid spelt wrong. It's from pigs thyroid and is completely natural. Before the Big Phama made Levo it is what everyone took to

keep well.

I have no thyroid and it keeps me well I buy my own online and take a blue horizon test once a year now to check my levels as well.

If you PM me you can ask but there are others on the site that know far more than I do.

Thank you 😊

Protein shakes are probably a waste of your money - better to eat real food (or if you are really protein deficient, take an amino acid supplement). Most people in the western world get too much protein, not too little (and not enough fat). Probiotics can be a good idea. Some need to be taken with meals and others 30 mins before. I think probioplex contain only two strains of bacteria, so if they don't work for you, you might want to research other brands with different strains. Can't see that they would interfere with levo.

Thank you. I think she just suggested the protein shakes as well as good food as I go to the gym a lot. I do have a very healthy diet but am just so tired all the time and loosing weight is just an impossible task. She suggested supergreen powder too so will try that in a smoothie or something. I can only give it a go and if doesn’t work then I can try something else, but so far I am feeling a bit better and have lost 3 lbs by following her diet.

Thanks for your advice

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