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I'm so fed up on this new combo of T3 T4 everyday I wake hoping to see some improvement. Rotton tingling sensation in my arms and legs not as tired as I was last week small improvement palps gone and anxiety so I suppose somthing is working. It's just the heavy feeling in my body and lightheaded at times when will I start to feel the benefit of the new meds or am I just one of the people who can't take T3. Why was I put on this when my T3 was never tested. I only found out about all the proper tests I should have had done when I joined this brilliant site after being put on new combo. Its a bank hol here in Ireland this mon so first thing Tuesday morning I'm ringing a private endo in dublin heard good things about her going to get tested for adrenaline all vitimins and hashimotos. I can't believe how neglected doctors are with their patients. I'm diagnosed over 10 years with underactive thyroid due to all the radiation and chemo I was on when I had cancer in my. 20's but looking back I was never tested right they always just tested my t4 and TSH. I'm 50 now so god knows what damage has been done. Sorry for the moan but without all of you on this site I'd have gone mad the past few weeks. What a brilliant support site thanks so much.

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  • Hi sorry if this has been discussed before but have you had your vitamin B12 tested?

    your symptoms although they may be thyroid related are also 'all' low B12 related...just a thought as B12 deficiency is very common.

  • Yes B12 338 but was told it was normal well doc said excellent have asked him for b12 shots but no was answer taking solgar B12 one a day under tongue. Hope to get bloods done privately next week so I'll post them all up when I get results

  • well, 338 is 'well dodgy', however now that you are supplementing there is no point in having it re-done unfortunately, at least not for a 'diagnosis'....

  • It wd also be useful to have yr cortisol level checked. Yr Endo will be able to advise re this but u cd also consider a saliva adrenal test which gives a snapshot of yr cortisol production thru out the day. High or lw cortisol can make it difficult fr yr thyroid meds to work properly.

  • Sorry, no advice to offer, but would like to know the name of your private endo specialist in Dublin. None here in NI that I can find and am fed up with GP messing with my dosage.

  • Hi Mocidoci - have been recommended an Endo in Ulster Clinic called Dr Atkinson - might be checking him out myself if gp will do a referral

  • Thanks Malone1, will check them out.

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