Fed up

Fed up

I've been taking a low dose levothyroxin for 12 months, 5 years ago I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, I was put on carbimazole for 18 months my weight ballooned I'm now 5 stone heavier than I was before this happened, the levothyroxin I'm on is to shit me up as I kept complaining I was tired all the time, I'm going back to the Dr's next week to ask for blood tests as I'm just so tired and fed up with my weight! My question to you all us what should my levels be as I've no idea! I'm being treated for IBS because of my stomach problems and hair loss etc but I wonder if it's all down to my thyroid, anyone who can help I would appreciate it. Thanks

I'm attaching a couple of photos of my t4 & ths reports off my dr, they don't seemed to have ever checked my t3, I'll check either way tomorrow and let you all know, if you can give me any feedback on these results I'd appreciate it, I've had new blood tests today and will get those results next week, thanks again xx

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Have you had antibodies tested? It sounds like you could possibly have hashimotos... Which would account for the speeding up and now slowing down. I assume your tsh is now elevated which is why the doc is attempting to shut you up with levothyroxine?

Low dose thyroxine may be enough to stop your thyroid but not enough to help.

You need to get your latest blood test results from your doctor, lets see what he is testing amd where you are with it all. Just ask for them, you are entitled to a copy.

G x

I think you may be right now reading about it, my hyperthyroidism started after I contracted swine flu 5 years ago, I'm due to have blood tests very soon so I'll get the results and let you know, I don't think they have ever tested my antibodies so I'll request it, thanks for the reply x

Thanks I will ask for all the blood tests recommended and see what happens, one Dr did say to me that a lot of people work better with a higher dose of thyroxin in their system, I actually don't think they know what they are talking about!

I've added the sheets my dr gave me with my bloods for the last 5 years above

Tripper, I'm not sure of your time line. Have you been on Levo for the last 12 months and you weren't on anything after the carbimazole until then? Did your hyperthyroidism return? First, hyperthyroidism is still considered a hypo condition by some doctors. If you have Graves, you can be off and on hyper/hypo. But if you have gone into remission, you may not need either carbimazole nor levothyroxine.

Usually you want your TSH level to be around 1.0 and your FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of the range. If you have ever had all these tests, can you get copies of them? They should have monitored them during the periods you were on both meds. Possibly you don't need to be on anything. I would consider 50 mcgs. a low dose of levo, is that what you are taking?

I'll request all of my results from my gp, I was on cabimazole for 18 months then nothing for 3 1/2 years until I asked to go on levothyroxin as I felt tired all of the time, ill keep you posted, thanks for the reply x

Tripper, usually after beginning levo, it will have an influence on your own thyroid if you still have one and you need to monitor the dose as you may need to increase it. Many start with 50 (did you?) and often end on 100 to 125 mcgs of levo. But some take much more.

They reduced my Levothyroxine as they said it was within normal range to 25mg from 50mg, I'm due more blood tests so as someone else has advised I'm going to request all of the test and see what's going on

Thanks, I'll let you all know how I get on

Tripper, if you are in the UK (or anywhere really) you need to check your own results and decide what is normal for you. The ranges are too wide and people are ill because the GPs think that anywhere in the range is fine. Here is what Stop the Thyroid Madness says:


I've added the sheets my dr gave me with my bloods for the last 5 years above

sounds like you are seriously undermedicated for HYPOTHYROID

ask your doctor to test for


Free T4

Free T3




vit d3

they are all interrelated and must all be optimal ( not just in normal range )

so ask doe a print out inc reference ranges and post here for more help

Thanks I will do, all they ever do is test my T4 and it's within normal range so have reduced my levothyroxine to 25mg from 50mg, but I feel awful so tired all of the time and the weight gain is really getting me down!!

I've got an appt to see my Dr in 2 weeks but will try and speak to her before and ask for the tests you advised and speak to her about them when I go

Thanks again

its your free t3 that is critical and if ferritin , folate, b12 ,vit d3 are below halfway all the levo in the world cannot be utilised by your body turning T4 into T3

WHATEVER YOU DO never never never take thyroid meds in the 24 hours before a test as it skews results

I've added the sheets my dr gave me with my bloods for the last 5 years above

Oh really, why does nobody ever tell you these things, Dr's just don't seem to know the first thing about it! Thanks for the advice I'll certainly be prepared this time

Much appreciated

If you canT get anywhere with the doc, you can get a full set of tests from blue horizon, which measures t3, t4. Antibodies and other stuff, for £89 if you use the thyroid uk discount.

Will post the link below in a couple of secs.... When i find it.

Xx g

Here is a link to an earlier post about it.......https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk/posts/131992026/cheaper-private-thyroid-tests-in-the-uk.

Brill, my Dr's have called to say they will request the tests from the Dr and will let me know what they say, so fingers crossed I may get somewhere

I've added the sheets my dr gave me with my bloods for the last 5 years above

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