help !!!raised free t3 still low free t4 normal tsh so confused?

hi everyone i just had my latest blood test back for thyroid i just dont know what to make of it im trying to get better from postpartum thyroditis after my baby 10 months ago just dont understand the t3 and still struggling and have been on levo 4 months now on 100mg my free t3 was tested this time my free t3 is raised my freet4 has gone up a bit and my tsh is coming in normal as follows

i just dont understand what it all means? has anybody got any ideas about the raised t3

going for thyroid scan today so fed up with it all any support would be brilliant thanks for your time


free t4 11.3(10-20)

free t3 4.8(nt sure ranges)

tsh 0.98(

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  • Hi Sorry not easy to know without the FT3 range, especially your hormones might not have settled yet. However, If it did not actually have a star or similar to say FT3 is over range, I would not expect it to be at that result. However, you need to go back to surgery and ask receptionist for the ranges. it is the FT3 that matters, my endo says the other one is useless, so I would concentrate on just the Free T3. The T4 is still too low, so you would feel dreadful and I suspect the FT3 is too. I think you need more treatment but slowly with more bloods each time. First essential to clarify what your FT3 range is .

    Also the other tests, Diabetes, B13+ Foliates, all autoimmune, hormonal, B12 needs to be high in range. Vit D, hormonal, if low, test for corrected calcium before treatment. Retest in 4 months, iron/ferritin needs to be clearly in range.

    Best wishes,


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  • thanks for taking the time to reply jackie i feel rotten i did manage to find ranges and t3 is 3.0-4.8 so it is just out of upper range still dont know what this means i cant get it to make sense still and wondering if the levothyroxine on its own is the answer to my recovery .doctor wants to speak to me about t3 results?iv been tested for mostly everything i can think of as went to endo for bloods (but last endo appointment went to endo said i was fine and within the nhs ranges when already proved from previos thyroid blood test that was hypo completly usless man just did not want to help dealing with a good gp luckily.) had full blood count calcium liver profile b12 ferratin vitd renal profile folate antibodies diabetes all have come back within good ranges at better end apart from ferratin that was 26 so im trying to increase my iron my b12 was up in the 800s so i think thats ok taking a decent supplement my hormones seem to be going crazy and my cycles have stopped again the thyroid ultrasound was fine and they said all was ok and looked healthy thank goodness i suppose i just dont know where to go from here im struggling to get my free t4 up very slow but dont want to overdo the levo if its not the answer rather stumped phew sorry bit longer post than supposed sorry jackie thanks again for yor time

  • Hi You feel feel rotten until bloods, T4 and Free T3 are right. Normally T4 needs to be in top third of range and Free T3 bear the top, but never over. I think you need more T4, as FT3 is fine then, you will need to watch that, far more important than TSH.! You are obviously converting T4 to enough FT3, as body should, so only the T4 needs a little increase with keeping an eye on FT3 , that it does not go to high. Retests all after 6 weeks.

    As your tSH is on the low side, fine though, I would ask for a 24 hour urine test for the pituitary gland, just in case. However, do not worry too much about it, mi9ne is immeasurable and I do have unrelated major heart problems. In this respect FT3 more important.

    It usually takes a year, if lucky to get the bloods and feel right with lots of repeat tests and slight adjustment to meds.. You should feel fine then, perhaps a few odd times, but mostly good.

    Endo sounds good, so long as does not have a block about TSH!!!

    Best wishes,


  • thanks jackie very helpful information i just get worried with al the nasties going and want to do everything to get mysef welll again at least you are relastic theres not quick fix iv realised, i had a mri on head back in summer when i was struggling rather than thyroid tests daft really and they said all was ok i think the increase is the way to go like you say im converting and have pretty much covered all the vitimans seeing my nice gp monday so il discuss it with him i can imagine iv still got lots of hormones going on from the pregnancy and i breastfed for 4 months so it could all be contributing many thanks for your time and posts very kind of you stop me going bonkers il keep a eye on the t3


  • Hi yes, I am sure you are right, just so many hormones! Also brain wise are like pregnancy, confused. I said that to my GP once, she must have had brilliant pregnancies, I had to explain!You are doing everything right and for now, rest when you can.

    Best wishes,


  • At a guess I would say you are under medicated. You might have trouble convincing a doctor though, because they seem to be fixated on the TSH value rather then the T4 result which probably reflects more accurately how you are feeling (pretty low). What are your symptoms?

  • hi eeng thanks for your reply i still have lots of the hypo symptoms extremly tired struggling doing housework energy crashes vast mood swings stopped cycles strange headaches earache aching thyroid chest pain when thyroid aches sore ankles backache brain fog weak hair stomach problems postional vertigo but they are alot better than they were 4 months ago so i have improved but still seems a long way to feeling right the tsh has come in low but as you said the tsh does not give good idea as i know my free t4 levels need to be above 14mol to feel well as got a blood test for that (became hypo after 1st child but was not diagnosed so free t4 was still low ) i think i may have to convince my doctor of trying a 25mg increase to least try get me to a better place quicker maybe thats the way i dont know what else i can do really thanks again for reply


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