Fed up :(


Well that's just over 3 months now I've been on T3 &T4 combination 50 mcg of T4 daily and 20Mcg of T3 daily.

During the 3 months my migraines have reduced in frequency and intensity and I've been feeling much better I even had a whole 2 1/2 weeks with no migraines whatsoever but they came back with a vengeance and I still suffer from fatigue desperately wanting to nap in the afternoons even after a good 10 hours sleep every night. So I went to my G.p for my blood tests and said I was feeling better but still tired think I need an increase in T3!

So my results are : T4 was 14.8 in Dec now 9.6 in March TSH was 4.42 in Dec now 3.73 in March.

Trouble is my Endo. has decided to increase my thyroxine and not my T3- I think this is a cost cutting issue as It makes no sense to me! I've been on T4 for 4 years and have never felt good on it T3 has been the only Meds that has decreased my migraines. So I am seriously considering self medication as I m sure I'll need to wait another 6-12 weeks for the increase in thyroxine to kick in and for new blood tests.

Anyone found an increase in T4 helpful as I personally feel its useless.

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  • Hi tootired, I didn't do very well on T4 alone, my free T4 and T3 kept falling. I felt ill on anything over 75mcg T4.

    In the end I settled on 75 T4 and 30-ish of T3. I now feel a lot better and can stay awake most of the time. I split my doses, T4 and half of T3 at night then the other half T3 in the afternoon. Oh and my migraines have improved! (not as frequent)

  • Thanks annie-7, yes i've previously been on 100 mcg of thyroxine and it didn't make any impact on my migraines or how well I was feeling, baffled as to why he's not increased the T4 when its been working !

  • The cynic in me thinks that maybe it's due to cost? My migraines started improving when I got to 75/25mcg T4/T3. My Endo/Doc won't prescribe T3 :(

  • ya me too as there's a massive difference in price.

  • Tootired, it's hard to see whether 20mcg T3 is sufficient without seeing FT3 result and range. I do think you are undermedicated to have TSH 3.73 on T4+T3. Increasing Levothyroxine dose can increase both FT4 and FT3. Most people are comfortable with TSH 1.0 or lower and when on combination therapy FT4 mid-range and FT3 in or near the top third of range. Read Treatment Options in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Hi Clutter Dr didn't check my T3 or antibodies , you'd think they would check the T3 after 3 months ! initially the most hated phrase ever was mentioned- 'YOUR THYROIDS NORMAL' I absolutely detest that because its under 5 ! I don't think my TSH has been under 3 in the past 4 years, will see how it goes the next 6 weeks but I am running out of patience.

  • Tootired, FT3 is rarely tested unless TSH is suppressed <0.03 as they're looking for evidence of hyperthyroidism not low FT3 in hypothyroid patients.

    If 'normal' is the criterion point out that TSH 1.0 and even 0.35 are also in normal range and ask your GP or endo to increase dose until TSH is <1.0.

  • Thanks Clutter not sure if the dr will try to get it that low but ill keep on asking

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