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Really fed up


I have been diagnosed with Graves and been on carbi for a few months. V low dose as my T4 and T3 weren’t that high when carbi was started. Been feeling pretty awful and at my last test about 7 weeks ago my T4 and T3 were a bit on the low side. So my endo reduces my carbi to 5 mg every other day (from 5mg everyday). Just had another set of bloods and my T4 and T3 are even lower. They are now lower than they were when I was diagnosed hypo last May (I may have hashis and Graves). Feel like I am back to square one. Am really struggling and not coping at work, or with life in general really. Had two panic attacks in the last two weeks.

NB Graves was diagnosed with positive TSI ab test. Never tested positive for hashis abs and been tested multiple times but was hypo and on levo for about 7/8 months before Graves symptoms started.

Does anyone know why my T4 and T3 has fallen further even after reducing my carbi dose by half for about 7 weeks?

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Really sorry to read you are feeling so down, I still struggle with panic attacks in stressful situations, not sure what the answer is regarding the medication but while the endo gets your symptoms managed it might help to ask your GP for some support or see if there is a local support group, it’s a lonely condition to live with, but this group does help me and I found a gp who would listen which makes all the difference.

MiniMum97 in reply to CSK1

Hello sorry for delay in replying but thank you for taking the time. I am sorry to hear you also struggle with panic attacks, they are horrible (and a new experience for me). Have approached my work’s EAP who are arranging some counselling. Have reached my limit of what I can cope with (not just feeling ill all the time as if that were not enough!) and definitely feel like I need a bit more support. Really struggling. Feel like my emotional cup is full at the moment a one drop of anything mildly challenging makes me feel v panicky.

CSK1 in reply to MiniMum97

The panicky feeling is out of your control I was prescribed propranolol at the start of my diagnosis which helped while the carbimazole kicked in but I’m asthmatic and it made me very unwell, I did avoid situations that made me panic but as the meds kicked in confronted my fears before they became phobias, breathing techniques and walking alone for an hour a day helped me cope.

Sounds like you have a good support network at work and your employer obviously values you to offer counselling. I had never suffered from panic attacks either until earlier this year before I was diagnosed,

I hope things start to improve for you soon, keep posting you are in good company here.

Hi again your meds reduction was not enough of a decrease perhaps 2.5mgs a day or every other day, but I think you have now finished carb?

MiniMum97 in reply to Rmichelle

Thank you for your reply. Have also replied on your other post x

Post moved as requested.

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