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Help Request with Adrenal Saliva Test Results Please

I had a adrenal stress plus profile saliva test done by Genova in March '15 and I was under the impression that everything was ok despite a few slight deviations from the norm, however I would like to double check this and would appreciate some input please. I am confused about their 2 different ref ranges but I have included both of them - can't seem to attach photos/docs btw)


Adrenal Saliva Results March '15:

(i) Cortisol AM = 15.5 nM (low,high 4 - 21 / 95% range 2.4 - 33.7)

(ii) Cortisol Noon = 11.3 nM (low,high 2 - 9 / 95% range 1.2 - 17.8)

(iii) Cortisol PM = 2.5 nM (low,high 1 - 5 / 95% range 0.5 - 12.1)

(iv) Cortisol MN = 1.3 nM (low,high 0.4 - 3.6 / 95% range 0.3 - 11)

(v) Total = 30.6 nM (low,high 11 - 35, 95% range 8 - 51)

(2) DHEA noon/PM average = 2.2 ng/mol (high, low 1.2 - 4.6 / 95% 1 - 8)

(3) Antigliadin IgA = undetectable

(4) Secretory IgA = 36 mcg/mL (high, low 25 - 209. 95% range 14 - 259)

The MAIN QUESTION I am asking here is does the saliva test indicate everything pretty much ok with adrenals as I had previously thought ? If not, what should I do ?

TIA :o)

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Hi Rainbow100,

Sorry you haven't had any replies yet, it maybe that people are not up on these tests as much as the thyroid ones.

I've done this test too from Genova, and the doctor usually provides an interpretation of the results at the bottom of the email. Have you missed it?

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thanks for your reply, i'll prolly try reposting anyways. dr. just echoed what the ref ranges suggest - everything ok. however i know from the the thyroid tests that normal in the context of ref ranges doesn't mean much.


Very true! Hope you get some more useful replies when reposting.

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actually, did your dr. just go by ref ranges or did he give a better insight ?


I'm talking about the doctor at Genova who provides a basic interpretation of the results. I didn't tell my own doctor about it as he always dismisses tests from private clinics. Don't think he likes to be challenged!

I read on this site what to do when you have high cortisol which mine clearly were. Are you having symptoms of disturbed cortisol?


i don't remember seeing any interpretation notes from genova, i thought they don't get involved at all with that ?


Hi, I've just read mine again and with ech result there is a commentary on them and an interpretation at the end. Maybe it's because I had mine done in April this year and it's a new thing since you had them done a year ago?

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