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Saw my endo 30.12.13 he was very pleasant. T3 trial will be done soon as the letter gets to GP!!!Woop woop

I hope I will reap the benefits. I will drop from 150mcg to 100mcg of thyroxinne with added 10mcg of T3 then after 3 weeks drop to 75 mcg thyroxinne and 20mcg of T3. He has also requested the GP test my cortiosol level. I do feel happy I have been listened to but still dubious!!!!! ever the pessimist!!

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It's hard to be positive when youve felt unwell for a long time. My faith in medicine is quite shaken now i know how little the medical professions understand about thyroid malfunction and the catastrophic effects it has on one.

I hope you feel the benefits of T3. At least they're quickly felt.


Well done you and well done that endo - a very rare outcome these days.

I hope you get on well with the T3/T4 combo and quickly see a vast improvement in your symptoms and health.

You might want to email Louise and ask to have him added on to the "thyroid friendly doctor" list so that others can benefit.

Moggie x


will do , xx


Can you email me the details of this endo please -






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