Is it possible to be hypo with a TSH of 0.88? My flat mate has an Endo appointment tomorrow and she needs to prove why she needs FT3 & FT4

Tests done also, as well as antibodies. He says it's impossible to be hypo with a TSH of 0.88. She has all the symptoms in addition to poss celiac disease (awaiting test result), Raynauds, glandular fever, EBV, low ferritin, low vitamin D, low B12 and a whole host of other things including extreme stress, shaking and depression. I know this all could be part of something else but I want her to at least get thyroid ruled out as she could have a pituitary problem with that low TSH, or maybe Hashimotos? I just need examples of instances where TSH is low and there can still be a hypo problem - or maybe hyper despite those symptoms??!! If anyone can give answers in the next 12 hours I'd be really grateful as he's reluctant to do further tests, argh!!!! Thank you so much! X

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  • Could possibly be Adrenals. NHS not so hot on that one. Take a look at where you can compare thyroid symptoms with adrenals and work out a score. Also Stop the Thyroid Madness has a good website and a section of Adrenals.... The shaking has taken me down this route....but could also be the low B12 etc. Hope you find some answers.....

  • Hi Marz, just checked out Dr Rind's website - fantastic, thank you! I'll also look at the STTM site - I've read the book which is brilliant so it will be good to get any extra info from there. Thank you!

  • As she has low vit D and low B12, these in themselves can cause symptoms. They should be towards the upper range. If GP wont prescribe they can be bought from Amazon. Vitamin D should be D3 and not D2. Vitamin B12 must be methylcobalamin not cyanocobalamin and they can be sublingual or ordinary. Sublingual goes directly into the bloodstream.

  • She needs to get her FT4 and FT3 checked. If they are also low then she may have secondary hypothyroidism or another pituitary problem. Google 'secondary hypothyroidism' for more info.

  • I am In a simular position and also very new to this. I have lots of hypo symptoms and my tsh was tested and was 0.79. My gp also tested Ft3 and Ft4 and is was discovered that my Ft4 was below range at 11.8 (12-24). Based on this result and my symptoms she wondered about a pituitary problem and (reluctantly) referred me to an endo ! I have a telephone appt tomorrow where they will decide whether I need to see a consultant or not. Read stop the thyroid madness particularly the section about hypo pituitary or secondary/central hypothyroidism. Btw my ferritin and vit D levels have also been low although I have been taking supplements to try and bring these up ! Good luck to your friend, let us know what happens ! X

  • I started off being primary hypo with a TSH about 8 but after about 10 years on thyroxine it became secondary as well. I think my pituitary must have got quite lazy. My T4 was low and my T3 below range completely yet my TSH was about 1.6 Strictly speaking my GP and Endo were right when they say it wasn't a thyroid problem as it was a pituitary one. But that is how they left it. I had to go to a private doctor for him to prescribe T3. 12 years later an endo said he would do some tests to convince me I did not need T3 but in fact it proved I did, so I now get it prescribed. He was the one who told me I also had secondary hypothyroidism.

  • Thank you everyone for your responses. My friend's visit to the Endo was as I'd expected. I had written out all the thyroid and antibody tests she needed (unfortunately in pink pen which meant they wouldn't photocopy she said! Whoops!) The Endo apparently asked (rather accusingly) "where did you get these?" She replied to say they were from Stop the Thyroid Madness and my 21st Century Adrenal Fatigue book (the exact name escapes me) and he rolled his eyes and said that he knows of them and they're all a load of rubbish. She daren't tell him I'd given her the info as he's already wary of me and my opinions!!! He said again that she categorically doesn't have a thyroid problem with a TSH of 0.88. This is a private Harley St doctor who has been '30 years in his field' and has written papers on thyroid, including one called "why hypothyroidism is often overlooked". Er, hello?! I know 0.88 doesn't immediately point to an underactive thyroid, but it could mean a conversion problem or pituitary problem, or Hashi's. It astounds me that he doesn't think other thyroid tests are necessary when she displays all the symptoms of thyroid problems!!! Granted it is very possible her symptoms are all down to her vitamin deficiencies and EBV but at least check to rule it out! Sorry, it just makes me so mad - I've been suffering for 16 years because of ignorant doctors and it's awful watching her go trough the same thing as I have.

    The good news is that he's agreed to do her FT3, FT4 and antibodies so at least we'll know. The trouble is, I just know that if her levels aren't actually 'out of range' he'll refuse to treat it.

    Thanks for reading! X

  • My TSH came back at 0.74 so am very interested in your post, though it's in normal range. My Vit D is low, mind, though not as low as it was, and antibodies normal.

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