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Is it possible to be overmedicated with hypo symptoms

Hi all,

Something that confuses me - I seem to feel the same if I am undermedicated or overmedicated, or am I always undermedicated? So my question is: can I be overmedicated (125 levo/10 t3) when I am constipated, pulse 67, tired and brain fog?

My latest blood tests were

TSH < 0,01

T4 14 (I was on 100 levo, and increased a week ago to 125)

T3 6,1

My B12, D, Folate and Ferretin are all in upper 1/4 of range. I am working on my magnesium, which is just below mid range.

I have alsobeen getting some strange face twiches.


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I presume you're saying you're over-medicated - or your doctor is saying it - because of your low TSH. But, that is irrelevant when on thyroid hormone replacement. What tells you if you're over-medicated is an over-range FT3. But, you don't give the range, so we can't tell if it's over-range.

Even if it is, there are some people who have hormone resistance, which means that the T3 isn't getting into the cells. And they need high levels of T3, levels over-range, to feel well.

So, yes, it is possible.


Thank you for your kind reply Greygoose.

I don’t have the ranges with me, but 6 is max. for T3


OK so it was ever-so slightly over-range. But that's not a problem. If you still have hypo symptoms, you might even need it a little higher. How long has it been that level?


It has been around 6 for over a year, but I felt better before. The difference in bloods is reduced T4.


Your T4 has reduced by your T3 stays the same?




Well, that shouldn't cause symptoms. It's low T3 that causes hypo symptoms, because T3 is the active hormone.


Yes, that’s what I thought too. Maybe I have some resistance, but then I believe my TSH would be higher. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. 🌺


Having hormone resistance doesn't cause your TSH to be higher. The pituitary reacts to what's in the blood, not what's in the cells.

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Yes, Elisabetho, some symptoms like tiredness and brain fog, can overlap. Constipation, as I have read, is specific to hypo and perhaps is adding to the confusion.

The thyroid lab results give you an indication but it is most importantly how you feel. Elevated liver enzymes (AST and/or ALT) are specific to overmedication with high T3. This test may help you get to the bottom of things.


Thanks for info. I will check out this test. My doctor will probably just tell me I am overmedicated since T3 is over range.



TSH 0.01 doesn't mean you are overmedicated if FT3 is within range. Can't be sure without the lab ref ranges but I don't think FT4 14 and FT3 6.1 indicate overmedication. FT3 6.1 must be close to top of range so I doubt hypothyroidism is why you are still constipated and tired and have brain fog. Increasing dose to 125mcg will raise FT4 and FT3 and further suppress your TSH.

Resting pulse 60 -100 is normal.

Try increasing the amount of water you drink daily. If constipation doesn't improve then try eliminating gluten and see whether that helps.


Thank you for your advice clutter. I do drink a lot of water. I am wheat free, but eat spelt (I had an intolerance test done, that showed high intolerance to wheat, but none to spelt).


Spelt is a type of wheat, but an ancient strain. You might try cutting this out, too, and see if you feel any different. Gluten intolerance includes wheat, barley, rye and malt/white vinegar. Look for ingredients in processed foods; there are lots of unexpected things hiding in the small print. Try gut healing foods; if you have an intolerance your ability to absorb nutrients properly will be compromised, and it can take a long time to get it back on track. I hope this helps.


Thanks camdentown, I was totally glutenfree for a long time, but felt so unwell and undernourished, starving basically 😯 and immediately started feeling better after eating speltbread. I had an intolerance test done recently, which showed that the only two grains I have a problem with are wheat (red) and rice (yellow), and since I felt even worse when I was gluten free, I am not going back there.


That's interesting. Did you test from the web and would you recommend it? I'm looking for a good intolerance test and it's always much better to have a recommendation. I do hope you get things sorted out.


I did order from the web, but from a Norwegian company (Italian lab). I will pm you the brand, and maybe you can get the same one where you are.


I have had the experience of having good looking bloods, but still being very sick. I now self medicate with NDT, and when I changed over I instantly felt a lot better. Even when my bloods showed I was enormously undermedicated.

I have slowly been raising that dose, and my mobility has increased a lot (I used to be in bed most of the day). I have now got to the top of the range with freeT3, and am going to experiment with going over the top a little.


Thank you Silveravocado. I have been considering approaching my doctor about NDT. In Norway some doctors prescribe it. Not my doctor, but I could give it a try.


Wow, getting it prescribed would be excellent. Definitely worth hunting around and changing doctors.


Hi! Hoping you’re still on the forum Elisabetho 😬

I just wanted to ask how you were now? What course of action did you decide on and did it work?

I think I might be in the same place. I have weird symptoms that appeared when I was under medicated that now flare up form time to time.

I recently had a dose increase but I’m sure I’m now overmedicated.

I really don’t know what to do now so I’m curious as to how you are now



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