Whoop whoop T3 on the way :-)

Through much research on this fab site I've decided to add T3 to my present T4 meds as still feeling awful and doc says I'm normal. My last TSH was 3.23 (0.3-4.2). Drs won't even test T4 as I'm in normal range and seem to be ignoring letter from endo to take me to lower level of normal. After much pleading I've been upped from 50mg levo to 50/75 on alternate days (3wks ago). I feel so poo I can't see it's going to work and so have sourced T3 from Corfu. A good friend lives there and just walked into a chemist yesterday and bought 2 pks over the counter (25mg). 1.15Euro for 30!

So my question - how do I introduce to present meds. How much do I need to introduce and I'm assuming very slowly? Do I reduce T4? I'm not planning on telling dr as they've been hopeless. Considering a private blood test before I start to get a true picture of what I need. Where/how do I do this? What test should I get? Sorry lots of questions but I just want to feel 45 and not 145.

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  • I think you are on quite a low dose of levo, as the usual way when introducing T3 is to take 10mcg (if you halve yours it will be 12.5mcg) and reduce levo by 50mcg. So, I am not medically qualified, I would keep your levo at 25mcg and take the T3 at 12.5. and see how you go. if after about six weeks you're feeling better, or feel you need to add a bit extra, your choice is between raising the T3 by 1/4 or the levo to 50mcg. You should also have a blood test before increasing as you will know where you stand better. It depends on how you feel yourself.It is a slow process and some feel best when on T3 alone. 20mcg of T3 is roughly equal to about 100mcg levo.

  • My feeling is that your TSH is too high so you are clearly not on enough T4 but before you start I think you should have a full thyroid blood test, free T4, free T3 and TSH, which will give you an idea of what is going on. I would not like to suggest anything without it. I have been on T4/3 and also was on T3 only for most of last year. I am now back on T4/3 but with the addition of some Armour ( NDT), so I can help with how to take T3 once you have the tests. By the way, it is a powerful little pill, so do not rush in at a high dose. You should also make sure your iron and ferritin levels are tested together with B12, folate and Vit D. It is important that these are high in range to ensure your body can use thyroid meds effectively.

  • In answer to your query re blood tests, you can find info on Thyroid UK. I think people tend to use Blue Horizon.

  • Thanks for your reply. The dr will not increase my levo as I'm normal and the lab only tests tsh for same reason. Planning a private test to get a true starting point. Would really rather go through dr but they have made their thoughts very clear so self med it is. Once I get results was thinking 1/2 tab in morning (20mcg) and 2nd 1/2 in afternoon. Does that sound ok?

  • Your docs are being very silly, surely they should test T4 as a baseline, they are ignoring the specialist....unbelievable. I am lucky as my doctor tested for everything except T3, which we are doing on the next round. However I will not take no for an answer.

    Can't help with your query, but wanted to vent xx

  • It might be better to start slightly slower and take half a tablet in the morning with your Levo for a few days, just to let your body get used to it. When I first started I could feel it working within about twenty minutes but that is not how every one reacts. Until you get the blood tests, it is difficult to say what to do with your Levo.

  • Sorry Hennerton just reread my post. I plan of half tab 12.5mcg per day. Quarter morning and quarter in afternoon. Also to reduce levo by 50mg. Was typing away on phone and forgot my calculations. Is it ok to take t4 and t3 at same time? I take as soon as the alarm goes off about 2hrs before breakfast.

  • Yes. It is fine to take them together. They are together naturally in NDT, so it must be the best way.

  • When I started combo therapy, my thyroxine was reduced from 150mcg to 75mcg and the liothyronine was divided into 2 x 10mcg.

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