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Low t3

Hi can I get some advice please. I'm not on thyroid meds.

I've had my thyroid blood tests done before Christmas where my tsh was slightly over range 4.54 ( 0.5-4.4) and t4 was in the lower side 11.7 of normal (9-19)

I've had them done again for monitering 2 weeks ago with my Gp and tsh was 3.2 and t4 was 15.9 so Dr said this is normal.

I've seen had a full metabolic blood test done via a functional medicine Dr Who advised that my t3 is low. Tsh again was 3.2 t4 was 16.5 but my t3 is low.

After given her my case history she has diagnosed me with sibo and adrenal stress due to grief which she belives is stopping my t4 t3 conversion.

My ferritin is 57.9

My b12 was high and above optimal range so I've stopped supplements.

I have been put on thyro cnv which contains selenium zinc copper for conversion.

Stabillium, holy basil, vitamin d, mimosa supreme and enzymemix.

Functional Dr does not think I need to be on levo just that I having Conversion problems. With a dirt plan and supplement this should solve the problem

Do you agree, or do I need t3 supplements, of so how can I get them because my go won't test t3?

I do t have typical thyroid symptoms the only thing I have is dry snappy hair.

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What was the low FT3 result ? - with range.

When supplementing B12 - results are skewed so keep an eye as levels can quickly fall. Folate level ?? Ferritin would be better a little higher. How much VitD are you taking ? - what was the test result ? Magnesium and K2 MK7 supps not mentioned.

When everything is optimal the thyroid hormones may work better.

Do you have thyroid anti-bodies ?


Hi thank for your response.

Ferritin 57.9

Iron is 4.63 (6.6-26.0)

Vitamin D 32.9ng/ml desired level >30.

Vitamin b12 high 814 (197-771)

Tsh 3.200 (0.270 -4.200)

Ft3 3.46 pmol/l (3.74- 6.11)

Ft4 16.8 pmol/l (11.5 19.6)

T3 1.03 nmol/l (1.30-3.10)

(Anti tpo 7 iu/ml (<34

Thyroglobulin 12 iu/ml <115

Magnesium 0.88 mmol/l (0.76 -1.07)

This is the second time I've had my anti bodies checked and both have tested low like above.

I was not taking vitamin d but she has prescribed me some which I'm waiting to arrive.

I'm worried about my hair shedding. I know this sounds shallow but I'm only 40 with young children.

I fasted the morning of the test and did not take any supplements.

I currently take ferrous fumerate 210mg 3 times per day. And 30mg of zinc. Along with the new supplements given by functional Dr.

I also have a reset diet to follow


Based on your D result you will need to be taking at least 3000 iu's of D3 daily. Also take magnesium and VitK2 .

Hopefully your iron levels will improve and so will the conversion of T4 to T3. Your TSH still points to you being Hypo.

Apart from hairloss what other symptoms do you have ?

VitC taken last thing at night is good for SIBO -around 2000 mg. Increase to bowel tolerance ....


US, not UK, ranges for vit D, so only 50 or so needed. 39ng/ml is about 98 nmol/l so quite OK.



I have low anxiety.

I'm not fatigued I have not gained weight not am I constipated. My periods are regular (maybe a bit lighter than normal)

My nails and skin are fine it's just my hair.


In that case optimal supplementation could well help you hair.

Regarding T3 meds - it is normal to be prescribed T4/Levo at first as it works well for many. If your Ferritin etc are all good in their ranges then the T4 will convert well into T3.


Yes that's exactly what the functional medicine Dr's approach is. She said once my sibo is sorted and my adrenals are less stressed then I will absorb my nutrients better which will aid in conversion to t4 to t3.

I'm just worried about my hair in the meantime and how long on dietary changes and the supplements she's given will take to work.

She said I don't need levothyroxine but maybe I do?


I think the best plan at the moment is to work on taking the supplements. You will need this even if prescribed. I would. Ontinue with B12 as the ranges are low and nearer 1000 is often recommended. I'm sure getting you D3 level up will help bet remember to take it with K2 and magnesium.

You say your hair is the only symptom. It you look on the Thyroid Uk site there is a list of possible symptoms so print it off and tick which apply to you. There are things that you may not have realised are down to the thyroid. There is a lot of advice on there as well.


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