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Want my life back


I took shingles in my head many yrs ago and did not get diagnosed so now have post herpetic neuralgia. So still have pain and problems sleeping.Thyroid checked recently.My TSH is 2.7,free T4 is 10, didnt do T3,Cholestrol 6.5, B12 787, Glucose 4.3, In 2013. TSH 3.5 Free T4 10 and T3 1.6

I have vry cold hands and feet,thinning hair,early menopause.Cant sleep,day or night,despite routine. Tried loads of products but not working. Or else you can only be on for a short time.Absolutely exhausted all time.Spoke to Dr P some years ago. He says low adrenals/thyroid.Am taking Nutri thyroid and adrenal supps.The range for TSH is 0.2 - 4.5,Free T4 is 9-21. I am also having a deep pain in my chest,shaky head and just generally feeling peculiar with crawley sensations in head. I am waiting on the results too of an Adrenal Stress test.Should get results next wk.Not sure what vitamins to take.Cabinet full of stuff. Too exhausted to enjoy things i used to do like swimming,dancing or yoga, My eyes hurt so cant read, sewing,watching tv is difficult and driving. Everything i have to do is done through a haze of exhaustion.Told i have Chronic fatigue but feel this is a cop out.Can anyone advise?

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Really sorry you had no replies - hopefully someone with relevant knowledge will pick this up from Latest Activity....



So sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell and exhausted. Have you had the TPO antibody test? This could show whether you might have the auto-immune variety of hypothyroidism - often called Hashimoto's. For several years I was told my thyroid was fine because my TSH was in range - although it was rising gently. Then a more open minded GP agreed that my symptoms were a good match for hypothyroidism and ordered the TPO test - and that came back way out of range. It was a long road to feeling well again, but that's another story. Perhaps you might also ask to have your vitamin D checked - that was the other thing that made a big difference to me. Do post again when you get the result of your adrenal stress test - I'm sure someone here will then be able to help.

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got this tested a while ago and was told it fine. vit d fine too. but take supplements now cos of bad weather here. Wl here soon re adrenal test. thanks for replying

I think you need to get a printout of the antibody test results from your gp and post them here.

Hi I've had shingles a year ago . Results last month.. tsh normal 1.33 . Vitamin d deficient 27.

I'm wondering what else needs tested. I too want life back energy etc . Used to go out with friends every weekend now I want to stay in and go to bed early because I'm always cold

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today feeling a bit dizzy but need to go to shops. Getting very little sleep. Its hell isnt it

Got my adrenal saliva test back shows all out of range - cortisol.What do i do now. Prob why not sleeping

Having this peculiar feeling in stomach,chest and front of neck - like extra beating.Wont calm down.All night like this. Anyone know what this is?

Hypothyroidism can give you palpitations. Could that be what you're feeling?

Have you taken your pulse and temp? It can indicate whether or not your thyroid is struggling.

will i do this tonight when in bed. test for antibodies in 2006 normal. doc wants me to see a psychologist. do have another appt tomorrow. will i show him my adrenal test result

It's time to be tested again for antibodies. Just because you didn't have them eight years ago doesn't mean you don't have them now.

If you don't mind going along, see the psych, explain how drained and ill you feel and the impact this is having on your mental health, and maybe this will help your gp see that you have a physical problem.

Gp doesn't seem to be looking very hard if you haven't had antibody tests for almost 10 yrs despite symptoms.

Have you had your eyes examined? Eye pain is something you need to get checked out.

Sorry you're so unwell. Stick with it and you'll get it sorted. This site has helped me a lot. xx

thanks for your help. tests they say are normal. c above. thats why wont do any more tests but will try and ask for another antibody test tomorrow. Told as the eye pavilion when I had to go to get skin moved down from eye as the lashes were going inside, that my eyes were very dry to get a thyroid test. so they wrote to my doctor and it came back at t4 9 ,tsh 2.8 but next time went to 10 and has been since. doc says im fine. eyes very sore and i use drops, but still have difficulty so cant read or watch tv very easily. i have been going back to the doc for the last 17yrs. Even my dentist yesterday said he thought i was thyroid because of my eyes.they stick out a bit. Even my mum has been telling me for yrs that she thought i was thyroid. So exhausted to do anything but if you think asking to see a psych would help.i always think they are a waste of time and of course my energy too.

Just to clarify, I'm not saying you should see a psychologist, but if doc is insisting, it would be one way of complying and at the same time the psych's opinion might influence your gp. But I hear what you're saying and if you haven't got the energy then don't do it.

Can you see a different gp? Sometimes it's worth knowing when to stop trying to work with someone who has no intentions of helping you. And sometimes private tests are the way to have everything checked without having to waste your energy convincing your gp.

It is all very exhausting and you have my sympathy.

Doctor referring me to endocrinologist. Hope i at least get to know if there is anything wrong and i can get it sorted.Said to him a lot ofeople with ME or CFS get told to see a psychologist and referred back to doctor as nothing wrong that way

Good luck. Make sure you get a recommendation here. I would recommend going to someone whose name you got from someone on this forum and not going to whoever your doc picks out of a hat (no disrespect to your doc but you have to choose your endo carefully).

I live in Scotland.Doctor usually writes to appropriate dept and then u get an appt with whoever they choose.Maybe where you are its done differently.So dont know how i can go about this.

I'm in England and my gp would have done the same thing but I asked to choose my own consultant.

Maybe start by doing a search here to see what others do in Scotland, or do a post to ask. I just did a quick search myself and read somewhat conflicting stories, so I don't know. healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

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